The Other Family Members

It has been all about Chloe the last few weeks. I thought it might be time to give my cats some love now and share a post about them. They are members of the family too after all.

I am a big cat lover. I never blog about them really because since having Matthew I don’t have as much time to spend with them unfortunately. Matthew loves them though and one of them is his best buddy. They love playing together.

In the last few years we have had a few cats. They have always gone missing and we ended up getting a new cat every time. In Germany I grew up with cats. My cat died at the age of 13. I needed to have my own cat in Ireland, too.

Being unlucky for a few years with cats getting lost, in 2009 we picked up another cat in  a town 2 hours away from here. The cat we wanted had a brother too. I felt sorry for separating them so we took the 2 of them. One we called Bailey, the other one we called Foxy because he looked a bit like a fox. A year later Foxy went missing but in the summer time a wild cat appeared underneath our shed. I looked after her and she eventually got around to trust us. I named her Missy.


Missy back in the day

foxy tiger2

Foxy back in the day

Missy and Bailey have been living with us since.

3 years ago Missy gave birth to 4 kittens. Apart from one kitten they all had the cat flu. I took care of them like my own babies and they all recovered. We gave away 3 and kept one. The one we kept we called Fluffy. He was a cutie. Unfortunately he went missing too when Matthew was only a month old or so.

fluffy on the couch

This was Fluffy, isn’t he cute?

Here some photos from the last few years:









2013-10-06 13.30.18

Do you have any pets? Do your children get along with them?


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