Our Third Advent Weekend

What a busy weekend we had. So many visitors, so many things to do. It all started off Friday evening. Hubby’s brother was coming over to stay with us for the weekend. At the same time two of hubby’s friends (he also works with them) were in town staying in a hotel and they planned hitting the town. This meant I was “babysitting”. If you can even call that because they didn’t go until the kids were in bed anyway. The guest room got a nice touch by getting out the Christmas/Winter bedding.

One of hubby’s friends, who I am friends with too, gifted us with an amazing illustration of Sligo town. Such a lovely gift to remind us of the town I lived in for 8 years and  the town hubby was born and grew up in. I didn’t managed to get a proper picture of it yet because every time I have a spare minute it’s dark and the light is terrible. So keep an eye on my instagram in the next few days and I will post a picture there.

Friday evening I decided to do nothing for once and just relax and watch some TV. I never ever watch TV. Normally I blog or do other things that need to get done and can only be done when the kids are in bed. Instead I sat down in front of our new curved Samsung Smart TV and decided to rent “Finding Dory”. I didn’t get to see it when it was out in the cinema. I have seen “Finding Nemo” a gazillion times. It was quite good. Really based on the same story but it’s a good kids movie.

We haven’t actually had anything planned for the first half of the Saturday. Hubby went off and bought some bits and pieces we still needed for the house while his brother recovered from a hangover. Both kids love cruising around the house with their ride ons when the weather isn’t the best. Matthew has the Mickey Mouse Ride On which is really for smaller kids than him but he loves it. I felt bad that Chloe has to share all the time so I went off to Smyths that morning and bought her a Minnie Mouse Ride On. She was so happy.

Chloe is having lie ins at the weekend lately. I suppose she is entitled to it considering she has to be up early and bright during the weekend so mammy and daddy can head to work. For that reason, her nap is non exiting anymore, unless she had a bad nights sleep. The weather wasn’t too bad so I decided to take both kids out for a walk around the estate. Chloe in her smart trike and Matthew on his motorbike ride on. They loved the fresh air. The weather is a bit mad at the moment. You wouldn’t think it’s December.

Shortly after the kids had their dinner, Matthew’s godfather and his wife arrived for a stay overnight as well. The original plan was to head out for a few drinks but as cosy as we are, we went for the snug option and ordered take away when the kids were in bed. We ordered Abrakebabra. I love the Taco Fries there. You need to try them.  Later on we put on  a movie which was “Imperium” and had a glass of champagne with some Milk Tray chocolates.

Matthew’s godfather brought some presents for the kids too. Matthew received some gloves, hat and scarf for the colder days with Ninja Turtles on it and a set of Hot Wheels. He loves Hot Wheels. His wife picked out a doll for Chloe. The perfect gift for her. She loves teddies and feeding them. This doll comes with a bottle and a dodie. Keeping her busy for sure.

On Sunday Alan’s wife and I went for a short trip to Blanchardstown. Well, what we thought was a short trip. It took us forever to get the car parked. And this was on a Sunday.  Eventually we got a space and had a browse around the shops. I had to bring back something to Next anyway. We did some Christmas shopping for our other halfs. It’s funny what you can find these days. A hat that looks like a Turkey. Would you wear it?

Hubby’s mum and sister were due to come over in the end afternoon. When we came back they arrived already and were shown around the house. Everyone left around 4pm and I put the dinner on which was Spaghetti Bolognese. We ended the day with a bath for the kids, a Christmas story was read and off to bed they went.  I spent the evening wrapping Christmas presents.

How did your weekend go?

15 thoughts on “Our Third Advent Weekend

  1. I am trying to source christmas bedding for super king size bed but its impossible. x

  2. God what a busy weekend! I guess it wouldn’t be Christmas without some hustle and bustle though, my life has been hectic too! We watched Finding Dory the other day too, I was a bit disappointed to be honest, didn’t live up to all the hype for me 🙁 maybe I need to watch it again! Lol. Loving the bedding too by the way, anything Christmassy at the moment and my festivity levels shoot up! Haha x

  3. Sounds like the perfect weekend. Loving the Christmas bedding. I haven’t been able to find any new ones this year so using my fave from last year x

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