Trabolgan Holiday Village- The Accommodation


Last year we booked a family holiday away to the South part of Ireland, Cork that is. It was a holiday away for 4 nights in Trabolgan’s holiday village. I’ve heard so much about it that I thought we might give it a go and book, it’s still easier than traveling with 2 kids abroad. Unfortunately we couldn’t make it back then because hubby and I picked up a terrible stomach bug which left us bed bound. Luckily though the lovely people at Trabolgan were able to transfer it to this year in April and we didn’t have to pay anything extra.

Trabolgan has 6 different types of houses which caters for different amount of people. For example, the Alpine house sleeps 2-3 people and the Noble Fir is the biggest one which sleeps 9 people in total. We went for the Chestnut which sleeps up to 4-5 people.

On Monday we were supposed to head off to Cork which is a 4h 30mins drive (without stops). Chloe on the other hand had a better idea and decided to get sick the morning of our journey. At night she woke up with a high temperature of 38.9. She was all over the place so we decided to stay and see how she will be in the next 2 days. By Wednesday she was back to normal and we left at 11am. We arrived at 6pm. Hubby checked in. As well as the key to our house, we also got handed a map to find our way around the place and a booklet with lots of vouchers we can avail to save money.
A few days beforehand we received an email saying we could extend our visit for €55 until Monday. We took this offer which meant we could stay at least longer than Friday because we already lost 2 days.


The house was located just up the hill from the main centre which was very handy. It meant we didn’t have to walk far at all and Matthew is not a big walker but I have to say he did really well over those few days. As you come into the front door there was one bedroom to the right with a single bed and a bunk bed. You can probably guess where Matthew wanted to sleep. He loved the bottom bit of the bunk bed, it was like a tent to him.


Located to the left of the corridor was the bathroom with a toilet, sink and shower/bathtub. Everything that a bathroom requires really.


Straight through was the second bedroom with a double bed in it. We also had the cot for Chloe in it which was provided by Trabolgan because the other bedroom was just way too small for it.



To the left of the hallway was the living room and kitchen area.
The living room  had a sitting area, as well as a dining area, a small balcony to get out the back, a TV and a fireplace.
The kitchen was equipped with pots and pants, a microwave, toaster, a fridge, oven, cutlery and dishes.
The kids loved the door in the living room because they could look out and spot the birdies and rabbits hopping by the apartment. They were massive by the way. I couldn’t believe the size of them. I wasn’t able to catch them on camera though.


What did we think about the apartment?:
• Both bedrooms were a bit cramped and not setup too well with all extra furniture in it like a wardrobe and bedroom locker
• The front bedroom which Matthew slept in, had a broken window. It only closed properly on one side which meant a draft was coming in at night and it was louder than it would normally be
• In hotels it’s always a hit and miss with the heating in the room. It’s great that you can control the heat in all rooms with a thermostat which meant the rooms were never too warm or too cold.
• The floors could have been a bit more cleaner, especially with kids crawling around.
• We were provided with toilet tissue and bed sheets but I would have expected to have a small bottle of washing up liquid in each house, too.
• Everywhere around the area there were a huge amount of crows flying around. I guess it’s nothing they can do about but it wouldn’t appeal to me on the first day because it’s an indicator of a lot of rubbish laying around.

18 thoughts on “Trabolgan Holiday Village- The Accommodation

  1. Gosh what a nightmare you all had with the various illnesses! Cramped rooms are annoying and I agree that a bit of washing up liquid wouldn’t go amiss. I hope you still managed to enjoy your trip xx

  2. Oh you worked there. I hope my review wasn’t too negative then lol
    Apparently they have refurbished the forest oak accomodation. The walls could do with a paint. They must not have the refunds to do it all at once. But it’s shocking nothing has changed since 10 years ago though.

  3. I agree, but sometimes people have a strict budget and for people in that position Trabolgan gives pretty good value for money.

    For the last 4 years we’ve had very limited budget for holidays and we had to pick between a full week in Trabolgan, or a weekend at somewhere more upmarket.

    The first year we went we were also unhappy with the accommodation, however our kids really enjoyed it and that was a deal breaker for us when deciding whether to go back.

    If people want somewhere that’s not too pricey and that will keep their kids entertained, I think Trabolgan is a good option, just be prepared to get what you pay for, especially with regards to the accommodation.

  4. I suppose it depends on the standard you are used to as well. For me this wouldn’t be a standard I am used to but for school holidays this would be ideal.

  5. Great blog post. Looking forward to the rest.

    I’ve been to Trabolgan for the last 4 years with our young family (3 girls currently aged 2-7). My thoughts on it are that you basically get what you pay for.

    For example a 3 night weekend stay in Trabolgan in mid June (no food) can be got this year for €417. A 3 night midweek stay in Fota Island Hotel Lodge in mid June (for my family) would cost €645, probably more if I wanted a weekend (can’t see the price as it is booked out). I wouldn’t be surprised if the weekend stay cost in excess of €800

    That’s a pretty big difference in price. Yes the Fota Island accommodation is probably much nicer, but for people on a tight budget Trabolgan offers great value.

  6. How unlucky being ill twice! It doesn’t look like a place I’d want to stay in to be honest but I hope you were able to make the most of your time away as a family x

  7. You’re right but for families this is a cheap holiday away without leaving the country. I wouldn’t want to go again that’s for sure. x

  8. There are a million other places in Ireland you can stay in and have a great time. For example in the same area as this place go Fota Island. Hotel is amazing too.

  9. And with the photos I tried to make it look as nice lol Wait for my next 2 instalments though. It’s not a place I would go back to. I am too used to my 4 star standard to be honest. I would have complained about the window and many other things only for the fact hubby didn’t want me to.

  10. To be honest just looking at the photo’s it would not be a place that I would choose to stay in. It looks like it needed a damn good clean, especially the bathroom floor.

    And as for the broken window….. I would have been complaining straight away.


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