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Welcome back to my second instalment of Trabolgan Holiday Village.
This one is all about the food you can get in the centre as well as a place we found only 10 mins drive from Trabolgan.

As you could see in my first instalment every house/apartment has a kitchen which gives you access to cooking your own food. I am not that kind of person who wants to cook on holidays. I am on holidays to relax as much as I can and not do any extra work. Chores that I normally do at home, should be left behind. So if you are like me and might not be into cooking either, then they have a half board option. It entitles you to breakfast and dinner.

Sally O’Hara is the main restaurant in the holiday village.

2016-04-07 15.21.40


As we only arrived on the Wednesday, our half board option was moved to Friday so we didn’t lose any money on it. Wednesday evening we dined in the restaurant. Every Wednesday they have an All you can eat Chinese/Indian buffet. I regret now that I didn’t try any of it. You don’t have to go for the buffet. They also have a normal menu available which contains of starters, mains and desserts. I had a Caesar salad which wasn’t nice if I am honest. They only presented us with the specials and we never got to see the menus the first evening because we weren’t sure yet how things work around there.
Thursday and Friday we tried the carvery. One night it was bacon and cabbage and roast beef and the other night it was turkey and roast beef. Both nights I had the roast beef. I have to say the carvery was absolutely delicious. You got plenty on your plate and lots of vegetables and gravy. I am a sucker for a lot of sauce on my plate. I’d rather have my plate covered in sauce than eat dry potatoes.


Breakfast for the kids I always prepared in the apartment. Mainly because Chloe only eats Weetabix or Readybrek and those things are generally not an option. For those kind of things like milk. cereal, bread etc there is a shop in the main centre where you can pick up your bits and pieces you might require in your place.

2016-04-07 10.09.33

Besides the restaurant there was also a small Costa Coffee shop. On our first morning I enjoyed a nice Cafe Latte to go. I can’t simply function without a coffee in the morning. They do have breakfast rolls made up too in case you fancy something else other than half board or a breakfast in the apartment.

Our half board breakfast menu had 2 options. Adult or kids Irish breakfast which was basically egg, beans, toast, bacon and sausage. As well as that you could also choose from a continental breakfast which was cereals, croissants, toast and fruit salad. Each came with tea, coffee and orange juice.2016-04-07 12.51.25

On Thursday we decided to go for lunch somewhere else. One of the mothers I know from a Facebook group suggested this place to me. The restaurant is called “The Pepper Stack” and is only a 10 mins drive from Trabolgan village. I would definitely recommend this place. The menu is huge and on top of that they have a huge selection of specials on a board, too. Did I mention the delicious bubblegum ice cream? The kids and I shared a portion.

2016-04-07 12.50.23

So what did I think of the food?

• Sally O’ Hara restaurant can definitely do with a bit of more cleaning. A lot of tables were sticky.
• Breakfast I would have expected to have a buffet option where you can pick your own things, instead you had a menu and they served you the breakfast, even the cereals in the bowl which I found a bit odd.
• I was a big fan of the carvery each night.

11 thoughts on “Trabolgan Holiday Village – The Food

  1. Food posts and reviews, always a winner with me 🙂 a fellow sauce crazed lady here also!! Bubblegum ice cream?? Yum!! Although not with my dry potatoes. X

  2. All you need to do with that place is get different chairs and tables. I know its a big cost but sure even IKEA furniture will look refreshing. I wonder if the management is the same.
    We drove through Midletown and were told of a nice play centre too. Jungle Safari it’s called. We went to Leahys Open farm too 🙂

  3. Ah Sally O’Hara’s, many a day / night spent rushed off my feet in there! Again it looks exactly the same as it did 10 years ago, an update of the whole premises is required really. The Pepperstack Bistro is fab though, lots of lovely places in Midleton town as well if you;re ever down this way again 🙂

  4. The Pepper stack sounds great! Shame about the Sally o’hara restaurant. It’s fab that they have a mini Costa on site I’d definitely find that useful.

  5. All you can eat chinese buffet sounds delicious and right up my street! Its a bit disappointing when they don’t have any so simple as weetabix. We recently stayed in a hotel that didn’t do weetabix and thats the of the only things my little man eats. Luckily I took my own.

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