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When your children start to attend nursery, play school, creche or school, it can be hard to keep their bits and pieces together. Some children may have the same bag, others may have the same coat. The minders are trying their best to keep each children’s stuff together but sometimes you might need to label it. I had a situation where Chloe had the same pair of shoes as two other girls. Now luckily she grew out of them and I bought a complete different pair then but it can happen again.

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A Birthday with Bakerdays’ Letterbox Cake

It has been almost two weeks since it was hubby’s birthday. By chance we both took the day off. It wasn’t for the fact that it was his birthday. It was mainly because we had a few tasks to do that would be better to get done while the kids are in creche.

That day we actually got to spend some time together and we went for lunch. It was nice to get out as a couple for once. Hubby doesn’t want any presents when it comes to his birthday. Neither does he like to bring any attention to his birthday.  I still wanted to give him a little surprise on his special day.

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S+ by ResMed – The Smarter Sleep Solution

Sleep is an important fact in our house. I know it can be hard with two small children in the house. Over the years we have found our routine with them and divided up the nights between us. That way everyone gets enough sleep to function. Both of us, daddy and mummy, have full time jobs which involves sitting in front of the computer all day. Having bags underneath your eyes then and speaking to customers on the phone, isn’t the best. Our tip is, go to bed earlier if possible.

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Evo Play iPad Case

Matthew likes to watch the iPad.  I have to admit, maybe too much sometimes. I am trying to keep it at a minimum and he knows that. During the week he is in creche all day, playing all day, learning in the morning when the pre school hours are on. As a little treat he is allowed to watch the iPad when he comes home. At weekends it can be hard to keep it at a minimum but I am trying not to exceed the hour he gets a day. Sometimes it can be two hours at the weekends because of the bad weather for example.

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Kids Prints – Creating a Funfilled Playroom

A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to review a set of wall stickers. This came in so handy. I still had to decorate the playroom because since the move, we only managed to get through our list of items that needed to be fixed or bought before it was onto decorating. We finally came to the end of the list and it is onto decorating all the rooms now. As I love the colour of the paint we have throughout the house, I didn’t want to change it in the playroom either, instead decorate it with stickers.

When Kids Prints got in touch to review one of their re-stickable wall print sets, I was more than happy to get involved. There are  multiple themes and scenes to choose from. They are so easy to remove and apply to the wall. And what’s best, if you made a mistake, you can remove them without any damage and reapply them. It’s so handy. I was positively impressed. Even the kids can get involved.

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