Christmas Gift Guide for a 3 Year Old

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Today I am sharing a gift guide for children aged 3 years and over. I am not going to lie, this was the hardest list to make.  Some items on this list I got for Matthew himself but I am still struggling with a main present for him because I think I decided against the balance bike now and just teach him how to pedal his Spiderman bike sitting in the shed.

1. Playtime Rug

I always wanted to have a rug like this when I was a child but somehow never got it. I find this so handy for children who have a lot of cars to play with. It is a nice change other than just driving it on the floor in the living room.  The play mat has antislip gel foam underneath. Available in Smyths Toystore for €24.99

2. Chasin’ Cheeky

This is a great game for the whole family and I have seen several ads for it. This will be definitely something Matthew would enjoy playing with us as a family on Christmas Day. Chasin’ Cheeky will be running around the room while you are trying to chase him and get the coloured rings on his tail. Once you have all the ring on his tails, try and grab the banana from his mouth and shake it with Chasin’ Cheeky to celebrate your win. This game is for 2 players and suitable for children for 3 years +. Available in Smyths Toystore for €14.99 (On sale at the moment)

3. Newborn Teksta Mini Puppy

I found this toy by pure chance browsing through the Smyth Toystore the other day. This interactive pup responds to your voice and touch. It can be programmed to walk, sit, beg and sing. Newborn Teksta Mini Puppy acts just like an 8 week old puppy. He wiggles his tail and ears. Touch your pet on the head for him to make a happy sound. This pet is also available as a kitten. Available in Smyths Toystore for €20.99

4. ELC Manic Martians Game

This game is great fun for 2 players. Something I used to love playing on holidays in fun activity centres. The martians pop up from their crater and then you bop the martians head with a hammer. You get great laughs and giggles out of this game. Available in Mothercare for €11.95

5 & 7. Paw Patrol and Minions Jigsaws

I’d say jigsaws are on everybody’s child wishlist. Matthew adores jigsaws and can do them multiple times a day. He is so good at them now that he has them finished in minutes. I should probably get him one that is more challenging other than the 3+ puzzles that are out there. But here are 2 of my/his favorites. A Paw Patrol and Minions one. Available in Smyths Toystore from €6.99

6. Balance Bike

This balance bike is to focus on your child’s balance and motor skills. It is very light and safe. Kids who learn to ride using these pedal-free toddler bikes will never need training wheels and will learn to balance quickly, naturally and easily. The bike is suitable from 3 years + and is available in Smyths Toystore for €34.99

What’s on your child’s wishlist this Christmas? I am hoping to find a main present for Matthew on your list.

35 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Guide for a 3 Year Old

  1. They actually have cheaper ones in Smyths too which have different themes but they are smaller than the one I posted here.

  2. Ah no, I hope I am not experiencing the same problem because my son can be very rough with some toys.

  3. Some great suggestions here! I`ve never heard of chasin cheeky but it sounds so cute, I think my 2 yr old would love it for xmas day with his cousins! So many of the games out this year are actually disgusting – things like gooey louie and og on the bog! – its nice to see a non-repulsive kids game for a change! xx
    hayley recently posted…What is the value of sight? #adMy Profile

  4. I love the idea of a playtime rug, especially as we have hardwood floors. My daughter will also be getting a few puzzles, she loves fitting things together and seeing how they work. I’m also going to splurge a but and get her a kitchen play set. I can’t wait to see her open the gifts on Christmas morning!

  5. Some great ideas, I always get stuck for Xmas inspiration. My son had a Teksta last year he loved but after 4 months it stopped working and the company wouldn’t do anything ? #love2blog
    Lisa recently posted…30 weeks pregnantMy Profile

  6. Ahh my little girl loves puzzles, she’s on the 32+ pieces ones and completes them so fast! She also has a balance bike but not sure she’s going to ride it anytime soon! x

  7. My son is over 3 years of age but he is still young enough to not request anything yet either so everything here picked I picked myself because his speech wouldn’t be as advanced to tell me yet.

  8. This is exactly what I needed to read as my daughter will be a few weeks off 3 at xmas. I’ve been wanting to get her some games but had no idea which ones. I like the look of the whacking martians one from Mothercare. x
    kerry norris recently posted…Bump Watch – Week 40My Profile

  9. My son is Paw patrol mad at the moment and he has loads of Paw patrol stuff, with Santa already waiting to be delivered. I haven’t got him the jigsaw though and he loves jigsaws. May have to add this to the list.

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