She is Walking!

Nine days ago Chloe turned 20 months. An age where an average toddler would be flying around, jumping up and down. Not Chloe, she likes to take her time with walking. Matthew was not even 18 months old when he started taking his first steps. I would have thought Chloe would be around the same age. She has been a lazy lump, in fairness to her. She has been standing on her feet for quite some time, walking along the furniture.


The weekend before last she took one step further. She took the hand off the wall trying to balance herself on the same spot. She was smiling while doing it. I’d say she was absolutely delighted with herself.  Of course we kept praising her. Best you can do, even when she falls, it doesn’t matter. She is only learning. Once she did that, I knew it would be just a matter of time before she is taking her first steps. This happened some time during the week. Second child syndrome. It’s true, I remember exactly when Matthew took his first steps downstairs and walked around upstairs. I remember Chloe very vague. It’s terrible really.

Last weekend she set off completely then. She doesn’t even want to use the walker anymore. It just gets in her way. She is after her big brother going round and round the house all the time now.  She is really looking up to him. Of course there are some falls and bumps. We actually had a little incident at the weekend where she fell on one of Matthew’s ride ons. Poor little thing was bleeding but she was ok shortly after some cuddles and some Calpol.



Since then she is cruising around everyday. It sounds like a long time the way I am talking but to me two days is quite a long time. My  baby is growing up and is no longer a baby anymore. How sad is that?

Whenever I put her on the ground now, she is up on her feet and up to something. She opens draws, presses, touches buttons, anything that is in sight. This is a complete new experience to us. I know this is our second child but honestly Matthew has never done any of this. We never needed drawer locks, nothing like that. I am not going to bother getting these for now because we are moving house in less than two weeks. We’ll see how she is getting on in the new place and see what she can find, based on that I can always buy safety equipment.

I cannot wait until we can go and buy her first pair of shoes. Six weeks to go and I am starting to count. I would love seeing her in those cute little UGG boots in the winter time. Most comfortable and warmest shoes when it’s frosty outside.

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12 thoughts on “She is Walking!

  1. Thanks Charlotte, I dont mind her walking late, It is supposed to be better for them actually.

  2. Yeah, they all get there eventually by 21 months. I don’t see why some health care professionals are concerned sometimes. Only you know your own child. xx

  3. Ahhh, just goes to show that they do everything in their own time these babies. My little girl slow to get walking too but once she did there was no stopping here. Well done, Chloe. 🙂

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