14 Things I count as “Me Time”

Parenting is a funny old thing. Do you remember what you did before you became a parent? I don’t either. What did we do? We must have had so much time on our hands. I’d nearly get bored thinking about it. Nowadays the kids keep us on our toes. Despite motherhood, I do like a bit of me time every day.

Below are activities that I count as me time. These are things I experienced in the past.

  • Going to the bathroom while the kids shout for daddy. The question is, do I actually need to go or do I just want a break. Who knows. (shhhh)
  • Spending a few hours decorating the bedrooms (it’s never ending)
  • Me time starts when the kids are in bed for 8pm
  • Watching TV in the evening time
  • Going to the cinema one evening
  • Doing the weekly grocery shopping
  • Shower with bathroom door locked while daddy deals with “I want a roll, I want a banana”. “I don’t want this toy, I want a different toy”
  • Doing some gardening
  • A weekend away
  • Going for afternoon tea
  • Who doesn’t like a trip to IKEA on a busy Saturday with no kids in tow
  • Having a cup of tea that actually doesn’t get cold
  • Playing tennis
  • Going for a walk

I also asked my fellow bloggers what they count as me time. Their answers differentiated.

AK (The German Wife): “Taking a shower in peace without the kids storming in demanding a snack or telling me there is a poo in the nappy!”

Victoria (Lylia Rose):When the children fall asleep in the car so I sit on the drive for twenty minutes once home to get some peace and quiet :P”

Beth (Twinderelmo):Going to the gym – how times have changed! It was always stuffing my face but after making myself lose 3 stone, my me time has shifted to going to the gym
(I SO miss cake – I’ve become one of those annoying exercising people)”

Kati (How to rock at parenting): “The commute before and after work… “

Helen (All The Beautiful Things): “Going food shopping, Tescos is like a day out to me haha!! :D”

Cat (Rock And Roll Pussy Cat): “A spa day, getting my hair cut or a day of cocktails with the girls. In reality …..having a wee with the door closed or going to Asda alone. “

Lianne (Ankle Biters Adventures): “Staying up late watching movies on my own !”

What is your Me Time?

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