The Kildare Maze – A Family Day Out

Last weekend we did something super fun. I couldn’t actually believe how I never came across this place before. It’s so close by from our house. The other day I was browsing the web to find some fun stuff to do as a family because we were promised the best weather. I stumbled across “The Kildare Maze” which is located not even twenty minutes from Naas.

For once we thought we just skip the routine and enjoy some family time together on a Sunday afternoon. We made our way to the Kildare Maze around lunch time. I packed some lunch for us all because they have a dedicated picnic area in and outside. This was only recently done up after storm Doris blew down the tent. Some sandwiches, crisps, drinks and fruit. Basically the average lunch we have every weekend.

Kildare Maze is easy to find. There is plenty of car parking spaces. We arrived pretty early, so we could park right in front of the entrance. You can also find an overflow car park in case it gets packed. Kildare Maze opens at 12pm and closes at 6pm. We took all our bits and pieces and walked inside to the reception area where we purchased our tickets. A single ticket for an adult is €8 and for a child it’s €6. If you go as a family of four (2+2) it’s €25, a family of five (2+3) is €29. Children under two go free.

Tickets and drinks purchased and we were off to the picnic area first. We were all hungry. We found a little area with a bit of shade because the sun was beaming down at 1pm. The kids and us adults enjoyed a bite. We packed up and walked down to the playground area. Daddy and Matthew were having a go on the balanced wood while Chloe was walking around watching them.

Before it was getting too hot, we walked back up to the table to get our clubs and balls for a session of crazy golf. Since we played mini golf on holidays in Spain last year, Matthew really seems to enjoy it. I have to say the crazy golf area is well maintained. Considering the horrible weather and storms we can get in Ireland. There are nine holes in total. It starts off beside the wooden maze and finishes back at where reception is. It basically goes around the hedge maze.

We didn’t get to do the Wooden Maze unfortunately but my friend is coming over from Sligo in two weeks time and she wants to go on a day out here so we might get to do it then. At the time you purchased your tickets, you will also be given a card with twelve boxes on them. Within the Wooden Maze you have to find all hanging staplers and staple your card. When you have completed this mission, fill out your name and number and you are in a draw to win a prize.

After Crazy Golf we brought back the clubs and golf balls and headed back into the reception area to buy an ice cream. They have a little area with a few tables and chairs to have a break or even have something to eat.  They do a selection of sandwiches and a pizza menu is available, too. Of course we couldn’t leave without tackling the actual Kildare Maze. We finished our ice creams and headed back to the entrance of the maze which is just opposite the picnic area.

It was actually hilarious entering the maze. At some point Chloe and me lost daddy and Matthew and they did their own thing. We could hear them but we couldn’t see them. Our aim was to find the viewing tower which is in the middle of the maze. Did we find it? No. I swear we walked in every direction possible. We found Matthew and daddy on the way. I could see the tower and it was right beside me but I did not find the entrance to it. According to the map there are two entrance points. It was so warm at that stage, we decided to just make our way out. That was difficult in itself. Eventually we got out. We got back to the car and both kids had a little snooze in the car on the way home.

I’d definitely recommend this experience to all families. Of course it is more enjoyable when it’s not as hot as it was at the weekend. But let’s be honest, it’s not going to be that hot in Ireland all the time.

Disclaimer: This is in no way sponsored or paid, I simply want to share my thoughts on a fun day out with the family in Ireland.

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  1. Once you have them hooked on it, they will always want to play 🙂

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