Afternoon Tea in Knockranny House Hotel

It’s been a long time since I went for Afternoon Tea. The last time was March last year with hubby’s sister. It was time to book another one. And there was no better occasion other than my birthday. I spent the weekend at my friends in Sligo. We decided to try out Afternoon Tea in Knockranny House Hotel, Westport which is only an hours drive from Sligo.

I booked a table in advanced, just in case. The table was booked for 2.30pm. We left Sligo at 1pm and arrived on time. The hotel is located up on a hill with a beautiful view of Clew Bay. Also it’s overlooking Croagh Patrick but the top of the mountain was foggy at the time. I have actually never been to Westport before but it is in my bucket list. There are a lot of things to do in Westport, particularly for the family. Westport House is one of them. We might be able to make it over during the summer maybe.

We had a wonder around the hotel until we walked to the reception to ask where we have to go for our afternoon tea. We were guided to walk upstairs into the restaurant. The waiter checked our reservation and gave us the choice of two tables. Both were close to the window which meant we had a beautiful view over Westport, the mountains and the bay.

The menu was ready to go on the table to choose whether we want the classic afternoon tea or a bit of bubbly as well. We always go for the classic one. It’s €14 per person here, very reasonable. We were then asked if we wanted tea or coffee. There were three options of tea. It was the classic black tea for us.

Shortly after that they arrived with the three tier tray for the two of us. He explained each tier to us what it is and so we could start.

The bottom tray was the sandwich tier like every other afternoon tea. This was my favourite one. The brown bread was so nice and soft. The options were chicken, salmon, cheese and baked ham. I have to say salmon is always  my favourite, particularly with the brown bread. I could eat a whole platter. They also decorated it with a bit of salad in the middle which was a nice touch.

Second tier was the one we were not too happy about but let me explain first. This tier consisted of (lovely) banana bread and two types of scones. One was cinnamon and orange and the other one was sultana scones. At first they were really nice but shortly after we noticed there was a bit of a bitter taste off them. I wouldn’t call it burnt. The scones were crispy but not burnt, however it tasted like as if they were close to burnt. This is not supposed to be a bad critique. It can happen to anyone. It could have been just simply a bad batch.

The top tier totally made up for it though. There was such a nice selection on it. I couldn’t even say which one was the nicest because it was all tasty. The selection here was cranberry & orange financier, cheesecake, chocolate cupcake and lemon meringue pie. I found the pie very refreshing. We could top up our tea as required in between.

So if you are in Westport or near, definitely call into Knockranny House Hotel for some Afternoon Tea. It’s worth it.  It’s available daily from 1.30 pm to 4pm.

2 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea in Knockranny House Hotel

  1. Ah thanks Fiona. 🙂 You have the Blarney Castle one to look forward to in February. Let me know how that is because I would love to do that, too. xx

  2. Afternoon tea is one of my favourite things in life but I haven’t had one for awhile, you’re so lucky! I love reading your posts about your afternoon tea experiences. This one looks lovely! Shame about the scones and bread but at least the sandwiches and cakes were delicious 🙂

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