App Review: Bubble Witch Saga 2


Today I would like to tell you about this app I got a few weeks ago. It’s a game in fact.

Normally I wouldn’t be in to any specific smartphone games for this long but this is so addictive!

There was a version 1 out one or two years ago which was only half as good. This one has improved so much in graphics. You can download on the Android and on the iPhone app store. Of course it is free!

In a nutshell all you do is burst 3 bubbles until you cleared them all. Once you start this game you will want to get to the next level and to the next level… The good thing about this game also is that you can log in with your Facebook account which means you can play with your friends and ask for my lives.

Right now I am stuck on level 73. If you are playing, how far have you come?

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