BigJigs Toys Cleaning Set *Review* #PlayPatrol

As part of the Play Patrol team, I am occasionally reviewing selective toys from the BigJigs Toys website. Toys that my own kids will love. These might even give you an idea for Christmas. It’s to help people like you to get the feel for the actual toy. A review with a few random words and five stars on the product page sometimes is not enough.

Recently we were given this opportunity again… to select a toy for Chloe. Chloe loves cleaning since a very young age. She would tidy away all her toys into the boxes until it’s all tidy. In creche she is the little helper. While others are off playing with other toys, she has to put her toys into the box once she is finished with it. She is just like her daddy. Not so much now but when she was crawling around on the floor when she was not even one, she used to pick up the dirt on the floor and hand it to me. When she was finally on the move, she would make her to the bin and put it in herself shouting “dirty”. Her big brother was the complete opposite. He would eat anything that in side.

As well as cleaning up, she also likes to put the dirty clothes into the washing machine and when the washing machine is finished, transfer them into the tumble dryer. She also likes to press the button to turn it on. This is the same for the dishwasher. She really enjoys it. I hope it lasts.

This is the reason why we were delighted, when we were sent BigJigs Toys cleaning set. Both kids went straight into cleaning mode.

The set contains of a dust pan, mop, brush and broom. It comes with a wooden stand so everything can easily be hung up and stored away in a corner. The set is aimed at kids who are three years and older. But this set was no problem for my little 2 1/2 year old clean freak either.

With this set there is absolutely no excuse now to keep the house tidy. RRP of the cleaning set is £32.99.

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