How I Relax

Relaxation can be a lot harder once there are kids in this world to look after. Though it is important to get some me time. Working as a full-time mum and providing the kids with 100% energy, and sometimes more, can be tiring. This is why I consider the evenings the times I relax, or try to anyway.

I have to be honest, once I am home from work and the kids are in bed by 8pm I am wrecked. I would rarely sit down in front of the tele to watch some crappy programme. My evenings lately consist of sitting in front of the computer. I am catching up on the blog, social media and read other bloggers. This is my way of relaxing during the week most days.  Depending how busy my day was, I would be in bed by 10pm though, collapsing on the bed.

A very bad habit I picked up over the last couple of year, is to look at my phone for a while before going to sleep. Eventually I am getting too tired to look at the screen and go to sleep. It’s kind of an addiction now at this stage and I wouldn’t be able to get to sleep without looking at it for a little while. I’d say we all picked up this big habit… it’s the same in the morning.

Hubby and me luckily share nights. Weekends are the only days I don’t tend to blog. This is where I get a break away from the computer. I am still on social media but on a Friday or Saturday evening I would sit down in front of the TV and find a good movie. I’ve done this the last two weeks. Now that was really relaxing. Of course I can’t watch a movie without a cup of tea and some chocolate.

I have been trying to get back into the gaming. Before we had kids, we used to play a lot of Wii and I’d play a good bit on my Nintendo 3DS. This is also a form of relaxation for me.

And of course there is nothing more relaxing than browsing on your phone looking for new clothes for the kids, myself or new home interior. I am online shopping obsessed after all.

Lately I have also been thinking about getting back into reading a book. The last time I picked up a book was over five years ago, just before I gave birth to Matthew. Any book recommendations are welcome. Some easy reads first.

How do you relax when the kids are in bed?


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