Blog Goals 2015 ** Update**

This year is flying along. It is already the middle of May again. I am certainly kept busy with a toddler running around and a baby who wants to be fed, entertained( Yes, she is demanding you talk to her already at the age of 3 months!) and put to sleep.

I wanted to update you on my blog goals I published at the beginning of this year. I have made some fair progress on it I have to say.

1. Take part in more blog linkys

At the start of this year I was only following 3 linkys. Meanwhile I am taking part in 7 linkys to date. Go me. To anyone who is interested in linkys and is not part of them yet let me list them all for you:
a) Tried & Tested by Family Fever and We’re going on an adventure
b) Wicked Wednesday by brummymummy of 2
c) Share with me by Let’s Talk Mommy
d) The List by YouBabyMeMummy and MumsDays
e) My Sunday Photo by OneDad3Girls
f) Me and Mine by DearBeautifulBoy
g) Mummy and Me by Nicola

2. Reach 250 likes on Facebook

I have reached 225. So not far to go now. Yay.

3. Reach 250 likes on Bloglovin’

I have 138 followers, so that is increasing every week too.

4. Become an ambassador for a company

Haven’t got this yet but the year is still long enough.

5. Create a blog badge

I ticked that goal off at the beginning of the year. You will find it in the sidebar off my blog.

6. Get ranked in the top 500 TOT charts.

Currently I made it into the 1000. I am ranked at 940. Pretty proud of that I have to say.

7. Launch one giveaway a month

March was the month of my blogiversay which means I launched one giveaway every week. Since then I haven’t launched any giveaways. I am tight up with time at the moment but once everything calms down again I might launch another one in June.

8. Review a product once a week

I am pretty bad at this at the moment. Reason again is the time. Chloe and I have a good routine going during the day and at night but she is pretty much awake the whole day really which means I don’t get time for reviews right now.

I have also been approached by multiple companies in the last month or so to do reviews, sponsored posts and projects. It feels good to be recognised by brands after a year of blogging.

That’s it on my goals update really.

Also there is some exciting news coming to Janine’s Little World in the middle of June. Stay tuned.

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