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Today I have finally signed up Chloe for Water Babies lessons. To everyone out there who has never heard of them before let me tell you a little about them.


Water Babies Ireland was found in 2009 by 2 sisters and they brought it over from the UK. They will teach your baby from birth how to swim in water. Your baby will gain confidence and skill in the pool. Babies have natural reflexes when entering the water because of being in the mum’s womb for 9 months.

Water Babies take babies under the age of 12 months. The earlier you start the better. They will learn the skills how to “breathe” under water or how to swim when falling into the water. I kind of regret that I have never brought Matthew swimming. He’s only been to a local pool twice but it took him ages to gain trust and I think we might be back to square one now because he hates walking barefoot.

This morning I was disappointed that for this season they had no more free spaces in the 2 hotels in my local town Sligo but then later on in the day Ingrid from the office contacted me and said they had a cancellation. I took the spot straight away.

This course will be on every Saturday for the next 8 weeks. On Saturday it’s our first swim. Mammy is obsessed with water and loves the water so I want Chloe to step into Mammy’s footsteps too. I paid €163 for those 8 weeks plus €10 for the swim shorts. 8 weeks is the minimum by the way. This also includes an underwater photoshooting which takes place in Galway. The reason for that is the pool is warmer than any other pool because the baby won’t wear a wetsuit.


I am looking forward to this and will let you know how I got on with our first lesson.

In the meantime check out their website please.

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3 thoughts on “Water Babies

  1. Ahh I love taking my little ones swimming from newborn to now. And it’s been such a great adventure. Glad you are loving it too. great capture. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round #sharewithme
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  2. Sounds great. I’m planning on doing the same journey and hopefully be able to do nice summer holidays

  3. I took my son to water babies from when he was 3 months until 1 and a half. We loved it and both learnt so much. I hope you and Chloe have a fantastic time 🙂

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