Chloe @ 3 months

Today my little girl turned 3 months of age. Crazy isn’t it? She has improved so much in the last 2-3 weeks but I will be telling you all about that in a minute.
It is exactly like somebody said to me, when you have your second child you won’t take as many photos as you did with your first one. It is true. If I look back on Matthew’s folders which are structured month by month and then going on year by year I always had 150+. With Chloe now I might get about 50-70 which in my opinion is still plenty

Let me start off with my usual Milestone Card Photo. This was taken on Sunday last.



She is getting chubbier but I think it looks cute and once she starts walking she will walk it all off. Babies to me need to be chubby. You can cuddle them better.

Now to Chloe’s development in the last 4 weeks. I haven’t done an update at the 10 weeks milestone card because I didn’t think there was much point so this is going to be even a bigger post then.

Height/Weight: She hasn’t been weighed in ages but because I was so curious (Like Curious George) I weighed her myself a few days ago. I was shocked and happy at the same time because it means she is gaining a nice weight. Right now she weighs 6kg (13.2lbs). I don’t know the length but I am sure she is the average size on the centile chart there too.

Sizes: Up to 1 month has been put away in the last 4 weeks and you are nice and snug in 0-3 months clothing. In fact I need to start buying 3-6 months ones in the next week or two because the Next babygros fit well but not for much longer. This means you were longer in up to 1 month than you were in up to 3 months. Madness.

Bedtime: You are a great little sleeper. For the past week/ week and a half, you have been sleeping through the night everyday so far. I don’t want to jinx it but I don’t think this will change because you have got your own little routine now. This means 11pm until 7am in the morning. Right now, you picked up mammy’s cold a week ago so you are struggling a bit at night but once that’s gone it should be no problem again.

Feeding: The bottle amount hasn’t really increased. Sometimes you are taking 6oz and lately you only seem to be wanting milk every 4 hours which is brilliant. I am trying to keep it at the 6oz soon though but once you are full mammy is happy too. The colic has improved a lot as well. You don’t cry in the evening anymore and even go for a little sleep before the bed time bottle. The spit up of milk has definitely gone down too.

– Recently you started talking a lot to us. “Ahs, ohs, uhs”. Very cute. I have recorded a video of it. You are a very talkative little girl.


– You love holding onto mammy’s hair and if you have to let go of it you cry unless I entertain you with something else
– You are definitely longer awake now during the day
– Mammy needs to start introducing the play mat more now.
– I’d say you will only have another 3 weeks or so in your moses basket so mammy needs to start moving quickly and do up your room and buy furniture etc.
– You are a great big smiler

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