Chloe is 10 months old


Here we go. Only 2 months, yes 2 months until this little lady is turning 1!! Fastest year ever, right? She has had a quite busy month. Continue reading what she has been up to and how she is doing.

Height/Weight: She is definitely my little chubby girl and she loves her food. Recently she had an appointment and she was weighed again. She now weighs 10kg (22lbs). Sounds crazy because Matthew weighs 15kg so there is not much between them now but once she gets moving she will loose that baby weight again.

Sizes: She stretched in the last 2 weeks. Her clothes sizing is so different compared to Matthew when he was her age. I am buying a lot of clothes in Mothercare and she was in tops size 9-12 months up until last week but these are too small now and I had to go out and buy 12-18 months. Whereas leggings she moved into size 9-12 months. Any other sort of brand tops she is in size 9-12 months now ie. Next and H&M. I have also bought her first pair of shoes. They are not real shoes but it is better to have just socks on in this cold weather. They are from Bobux. I have only read good things about them lately on several parenting blogs.

Bedtime: Comparing with my last update about her sleep routine it has definitely improved again. We are less into her now. So at the time she was a bit off crying all night, I think she might have had a growth spurt. She goes to bed by 8pm and sleeps until 7.30am. She was sick the last week which is understandable of her crying a few times at night but she isn’t bad at all. Her big brother is actually the bad sleeper now.

Feeding: She loves feeding herself. We have tried a lot of finger foods lately and she seems to manage them well now. Food like broccoli, grated cheese and carrots. Most of it probably goes into her high chair but she likes touching everything and getting the feel of the different food available to her. She still does get 7 months pouches though to make she is full when bedtime comes. She gets a yogurt with that, too. I must actually introduce a snack time as well now. Snack suggestions are more than welcome in the comments below.

Other things happened this month:

– Trying to bum her way around the house now but not there yet.
– Loves cuddling into our chest
– Says “Ma Ma Ma” and “Da Da Da” a lot
– Loves watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Baby TV
– Loves playing a game where she shakes her head and we have to copy her
– When lying on tummy she pushes herself backwards

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