Horse Riding at Island View Riding Stables

Last weekend my friend Karo and I were very brave and decided we are going to book 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours horse riding lessons. As we don’t plan on taking it serious and making a hobby out of it I didn’t want to just go on the lunge for 20 mins and that was it. I always dreamt of riding along the beach which is also called trekking. There is no better place to do this than in Ireland. Beautiful places to see by horse.

The last time I was sitting on a horse was at the age of 12. Quite some time ago isn’t it? I used to love horses as a child. Unfortunately I was never allowed to ride a horse as a hobby. From my granddad’s side it was no problem but from my mum’s not a chance. I’d say she might have been just protective and worrying in case I fall off the horse.

There is a few riding stables around Sligo but I always found Island View Riding Stables very appealing. They are located just right off the beach between Sligo and Bundoran. You pass through the little village Grange and after 2 minutes or so you have arrived. The other reason why I find it so handy is, there are a lot of German girls working. It is nice to speak to someone who speaks your mother tongue other than talking English everyday.


But it is not long Trekking this place has to offer. There is also lessons you can take inside or outside, dressage and jumping. If you don’t live in Ireland and plan on making a holiday out of this, they also offer different holiday packages. Simply check them out here. Sounds adventurous? Well then read on about personal experience with Island View Riding Stables.IMG-20150801-WA0001

Saturday, 1st August in the morning we made our way to the stables. It was actually quite busy. The weather wasn’t the best but that didn’t stop us from going. After choosing our boots and helmets which are being provided we got our horse. Karo’s horse was called Gyppy. She was told that she can be a quite lazy one. Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of my horse but it was one that needs to be talked to and was the absolute opposite of Gyppy. He always wants to be on the go.

2015-08-01 10.11.55

There she is, up high on her horse.

We were the only 2 going trekking at that time with a guy who guarded us down to the beach. At the start I was a bit nervous I have to admit but these are so well trained they actually don’t do anything until the leader up front tells them otherwise. I found the trotting very difficult in the beginning. I just didn’t know how to hold myself in the saddle. Whereas my friend’s horse, as I mentioned at the start is very lazy, she didn’t even trot on. (Trot on reminds me of the episode of Ben & Holly where one of the elves is teaching the elves and fairies how to ride and trot a snail. Can you tell I watch too much Ben & Holly?)

Near the end then when we were almost back where we started I was more confident and loved the trotting. Something I would definitely do again.

2015-08-01 11.18.26

I took my phone with me in case we are taking pictures along the beach but to be honest I was so fixed on trying to ride the horse right that I didn’t even think of taking photos. It would be something I would love to do again in the near future. The more we do it the more confidence we gain and we might be even able to take photos next time.

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