Christmas clothes – Check

Yes, I know, it’s only the end of October.
But now that the clocks have changed, it’s getting dark at 5pm and the weather becomes horrible I think it is ok to talk about Christmas clothes.

As you know we spent our long weekend in Cork and because the shopping is really not great in Sligo I couldn’t resist but checking out the new clothes in Next for the winter season.

Check out the cuteness of this Christmas jumper and the socks. I fell in love with them and just had to have them for Matthew.


Matthew’s skin gets irritated when he is wearing any kind of knitwear and a top underneath is not an option because he’d be sweating too much so I was happy to find this cute cotton Santa top to wear around Christmas time. I still haven’t picked up his Christmas day outfit though but there’s still enough time.
The socks come in a multipack of 5. The price on them is decent too I find.

Have you shopped around for Christmas outfit for your little ones yet? If so, what you have bought?

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