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I am sure every mum out there heard of the Disney Junior Channel. The one your child is glued to every morning, once they come home from creche or school? Yes, that one. A bit of Sofia the first, Curious George, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Henry Hugglemonster, can you tell I watch too much of it?

Except for all the lovely cartoons, Disney Junior has created a birthday book for your little ones to feature in every month.You can upload a photo to the Disney Junior website and see your little one in the online gallery or with a bit of luck have the image broadcasted on TV.

bb-logoSo how does it all work?

1. Submit a photo to the galley no later than 12pm on the first day of the month before your child’s birthday month begins. (ie. if your baby was born in August, you have to submit the photo by 12pm on 1st July the latest.)
2. It is recommended by the Disney Junior team to submit it 2 months before to give the team enough time to look through it.
3. Only photos of children between the age of 2 and 7 are excepted into the gallery.
4. You will need to sign in to your Disney Junior account to submit the image. If you don’t have one it is easy enough to sign up.
5. You must be a resident in the UK or Ireland and over 18 yeas to be able to submit a photo on behalf of the child.
6. You will receive an acknowledgement email that your photo has been uploaded.
7. You will receive a second email confirming that the photo has been added to the online gallery.
8. For the broadcast of the images on the Disney Junior channel, photos are being selected randomly and you will receive an additional email if you have been one of the lucky ones.

There is some photo criteria, too but in a nutshell a simple photo of just your child in colour is the norm. You can view the criteria here anyway.

Last year I submitted Matthew’s photo too late so he couldn’t feature in the online gallery but this year I didn’t forget. The only thing I am not happy about is that I didn’t submit a cute photo of him. I don’t know what I was thinking at the time but I think I must have clicked on the wrong one.
2 weeks ago I received an email from Disney Junior letting me know that Matthew is one of the lucky ones whose image will be shown on the Disney Junior Birthday Book in August. All I had to do is confirm all the details I submitted back then.
Today I received another email to let me know what days he will be shown.

If you are watching Disney Junior on a daily basis like we do in our house then watch out for Matthew to be shown from 17th August to 23rd August at 8am, 1pm and 4pm.

3 thoughts on “Disney Junior Birthday

  1. Yeah that would be the reason why unfortunately it is only available in the UK and Ireland. Do you not have a station like that in India?

  2. I’ve been trying to upload my son’s pic from 1st August as his birthday will fall in October. He’ll turn 2 years old. But I’m not able to get through it. I’m an India. Just read in above comments that it’s only for residents of UK and Ireland. Is that the reason?

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