What’s in my Trunki?


If you follow my blog regularly you might remember that Matthew got a Trunki for Christmas last year. From then until now he used it more as a toy than a suitcase. As I was already heavily pregnant at Christmas we didn’t plan any trip away. Now that Chloe is hitting the 6 months mark in a weeks time we booked our first trip as a 4 piece so this is the first time Matthew is going to use his Trunki. He loves being pulled on it so I can’t wait to use it. Our family trip is starting tomorrow at around lunch time and will last until Sunday.

Hubby has booked us into the Killashee House Hotel in Co. Kildare. It looks like a little castle. I have never been so I am really looking forward to it. As it is not far from Dublin we might even sneak in to do a bit of shopping but that depends on the time of course.


So what did I pack in Matthew’s Trunki suitcase?


First of all I always thought it was a bit small to fit in a lot but in fact it fits loads because it has to compartments. The only thing I don’t like about it as that it doesn’t have 2 seatbelts to keep everything in one place but other than that it is actually lovely and spacious. I would only recommend it for short trips though. A holidays of a week or two you would need a bigger suitcase in my opinion.


4x T-Shirts/Tops
I have packed double the amount just in case something spills or gets very dirty or whatever else could happen. You never know what fun he can have and what things we find on our journey.

4 pair of socks
He wears one pair to bed as first of he hates being bare feet and second he always wakes up with a runny nose when he doesn’t wear them.

Aveeno Creme for his ezcema
3x vests
10x Nappies



2 Pairs of trousers
1 set of pyjamas

You don’t see it but I am going to add wipes to the suitcase too.
There’s going to be even much more space once Matthew is potty trained.

Have you planned any trips away with the family this summer?

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