Divided Plate by OXO Tot**Review**

Recently I was given the opportunity by the lovely people of Oxo to try out some of their products. This was just the perfect time because I always wanted Matthew to have a divided plate with lots of lunch options on the plate.

He’s a great eater in fairness to him but at the weekend when not in creche he can be a picky one so I’d like him to try all sorts of things.


The plate is divided into 4 parts. The biggest part is for all the veg, whereas the 2 smaller ones are for the proteins and carbohydrates. The middle part can be used for any dipping sauce or like Matthew calls it “dip dip”. Of course it’s completely up to you to put any sort of food into it really. At this lunch Matthew had cheese, luncheon roll and blueberries.


The ring around the plate is brilliant for peas, pasta or similar foods not escaping.                 Of course it can be removed if you think your little one is able for it now and doesn’t make a mess anymore.

The plate can be used from 6 months + and is available in the colours green, aqua and raspberry. Chloe will be getting great use out of it when she starts the weaning journey soon. It’s microwave and dishwasher safe and can be bought for £8.50. 

Why not check out Oxo’s website for more great products? Please follow this link.

I was sent this product for the purpose of a review. The photos and opinion are my own. 

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