Do you have a Phobia? #Blogtober

I can’t believe I have actually made it half way through the Blogtober challenge. Sometimes I have been struggling but then last minute I was able to come up with something. Today is one of those days again. I don’t have a phobia as such. I am afraid of certain things but I wouldn’t call it phobia.

As a child I was kind of a Tomboy. I would play with dolls as well as with stuff boys would play with. That includes making stuff from random wood that my grandad picked up, playing with cars or climb trees. I remember well trying to build a tree house in one of the trees in our garden. I have never had a fear of climbing things and being up high. Fast forward I can’t stand heights. I don’t know what changed but cliffs or a shopping centres with like three floors looking down is not my thing at all anymore.  I would look down on it but I’d have the fear of falling down or something which makes me grab onto the escalator or whatever is there even more.

Thunder and Lightning is another one. In fact it has been haunting me since my childhood. We get so much thunder and lightning in Germany. I hated it as a kid and I was always scared. I am still now. Thankfully Ireland doesn’t even get these. I have lived in Ireland eleven years now and I have experienced thunder and lightning once or twice. And that’s only literally one thunder or one lightning. In Germany back in the day, it could go on for an hour or two. Not a fan of it all!

As the subject today was phobia, I went on a quick google to see what other things people are afraid of. It’s actually interesting to read.

Just to name a few:

  • Arachnophobia – The fear of spiders affects women four times more (48% women and 12% men)
  • Aerophobia – The fear of flying. 25 million Americans share a fear of flying.
  • Aquaphobia – The fear of water. Being afraid of water or being near water.
  • Coulrophobia – The fear of clowns. Some people find clowns funny, coulrophobics certainly don’t.

What is your fear?


One thought on “Do you have a Phobia? #Blogtober

  1. I wouldn’t say I had any phobias – there’s plenty of things I don’t like but I don’t have any real fears, apart from popping balloons! I love thunder storms though 🙂 #blogtober

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