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In a few days time it will be exactly a year since we moved from the West of Ireland to the East. The kids adjusted so well and we don’t regret it one bit. There are so much more opportunities here and way more things to do for the kids which was important for us. Can you believe it, it took me an actual year to show you around our kitchen.

They say the kitchen is the centre piece of the house. It’s kind of true, even though I don’t like to spend much time in it cooking for example. I am not the biggest cook. Anyone who knows me will know this. I like easy peasy meals that don’t require me standing in the kitchen for hours. Of course I will make a lovely once in a while but generally it’s 20 to 30 minutes and I am done. Though, because it is such a big kitchen, we do spend quite a good bit in it, just sitting at the table together.

We moved into a new built home which meant we could choose what style of kitchen we want. I originally wanted a grey kitchen with a wooden worktop but hubby was not a fan of that at all. (As if the man in the house spends time behind the cooker )ย I let him get his way and choose the kind of blueish grey kitchen.ย  It’s actually a nice contrast with the floors.

There are two things I like in the kitchen the most. One, our freezer and fridge. It is so spacious and I can actually store food in it. The previous one we had, had drawers and there was very little room. Food was getting stuck in it. It wasn’t nice. This one has shelves and things can be taken out so easily and put back. The second thing I love is the press organizer which you can also see in the video which I posted at the bottom of this post. I would be lost without it. Neither would I have the space to store all the spices, pasta, baking things etc. One shelf is dedicated for chocolate and biscuits. Of course this is up a bit higher so the kids can’t reach it. But you can probably imagine them hovering around that press quite often.

This time we decided we are going to go with an induction hob. Previously we had an electric hob. The water heats up so much quicker with the induction hob. It is making cooking a bit easier.

Additionally we had the chance to pick a kitchen bundle. This included a washing machine, tumble dryer (both are hidden away in the utility room which is the white door in the photo above), microwave and oven. It’s great to have it built into the press actually. This saves a lot of space instead of having the microwave sitting on the worktop for example.ย  In general the kitchen has a huge amount of storage. But… you can never have too much storage.

In the middle of the kitchen is the island. This is where the tap, sick and dishwasher can be found. Again with lots of storage on all sides. We made good use out of our bar stools which we we had in our old house. They fit nicely under the island. The island is actually 20% shorter than in the show house. I just found it way too long and got the builders to cut it shorter. This also gives us more living space.

The kitchen connects into another room which we made our office. This is where I spend most of my time blogging. It is still in working progress but we recently got our custom table delivered as well. (that will be a separate room tour) The doors can be closed from kitchen to office. I actually love the frosted glass when the lights are on in there. It looks so cozy.

Another benefit of this kitchen is the amount of light coming into it. We have a lot of windows in the kitchen. It makes the room very bright. The house is south facing so you can guarantee the kitchen to be always warm when it’s sunny outside. We got fabric blinds for the windows. They can be closed in two different ways which I demonstrated at the end of the video.

Enjoy watching the video and let me know in the comments below what you think.


10 thoughts on “A Kitchen Tour

  1. I love your kitchen cabinet colour, we’re having ours spray painted, it’s so hard to choose a colour. Thank you for showing your blinds, I saw them on an advert & wondered if they would be suitable for our landing windows but I wasn’t sure how they worked. I like them, will definitely be thinking of them for our home.

  2. It’s such a lovely kitchen – we got ours done a year ago and having tons of cupboard space was top of my list too ๐Ÿ™‚ #blogtober

  3. Thanks Lisa. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s still needs a bit of decor to brighten it up but I am really pleased with it. x

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