Easter Break in the UK – Peppa Pig World

We are into day four of our holidays from last week in England. That morning we planned to get up early enough to make our way to Paulton Park.Ideally we wanted to be on the road by 10am. We actually managed to follow our plans and left shortly before ten.  There was not much to pack anyway other than nappies, wipes, snack and our tickets.

Again I want to talk about the ticket prices. There are various options. You can buy single tickets or a family of three, four or five. We are four but because Chloe is under one metre, we only had to pay for three tickets. Children under one metre are free to get in.  For most rides you have to be a certain height but as long as there is an adult with the child, children under that height can go on the ride, too. We paid £79.25 on the website. If you buy them on the day it’s £92.75. This is a saving of £13.50. Not as much as it was in Drayton Manor but still enough to say “I prefer buying them online”.

Our journey was 2 1/2 hours. A pretty long journey for two small kids. But they didn’t actually sleep on the way there. They’d rather preferred sleeping on the way  back. Which was okay, too. We arrived around lunch time. All we had on the way were snacks so we decided to go into the restaurant right beside the entrance and sit down for some lunch. Us adults for Chicken Curry which was amazing. Chloe had pasta and Matthew had chicken nuggets with chips and beans.

After a quick toilet stop we went straight to Peppa Pig World. Paulton Park is massive. It would probably take two to explore everything. My plan was to go “The Lost Kingdom” after but we spent all our time in Peppa Pig World. Mainly because of the queue times as well. Plus the queue for lunch at the beginning was big, too.

As you enter Peppa Pig World, the first thing you’ll see is Mr. Potato’s playground (and of course the massive toy shop beside it). Chloe didn’t really want to go down in play. She preferred sitting in the buggy looking around. She is not a big fan of places she hasn’t seen before or too many people at once. Matthew on the other hand walked straight in. He went down the slide, onto many different rides, had a go on the train and climbed up a hill.

He previously drank a Fruit Shoot. This makes him go to the toilet A LOT. We had to leave the playground very shortly and daddy took him to the toilet. Chloe and me explored the area a bit more. You could meet Peppa and George at the house and we saw Mummy Pig walking around. Once Matthew was back, we went to George’s Spaceship Indoor Playzone. Again Matthew took off his shoes and jacket and climbed in the soft play area, went down the slide and had a go in the baby area that is up two years (shhhh). Sometimes he likes the quiet entertainment rather than the wild part of the soft play area.

Chloe and I were also looking at the duckies from the Peppa Pig episodes swimming around in a pond. We went to Miss Rabbit’s Ice Cream Parlour to get… yes you have guessed some ice cream. They had lovely soft ice cream with different flavours. I really like the blue vanilla one. When Matthew was finished with this ice cream, he wanted to go onto Grandpa Pig’s Boat Trip with daddy. The queue time was around twenty minutes I’d say. He was loving it.

Next on the list was Grandpa’s Little Train Gertrude. Again queue time wasn’t too bad. It felt like maybe fifteen minutes. Matthew chose the carriage. We went on the red one. The train was going two rounds because the track wasn’t that long.

We had a look at George’s Dinosaur Adventure Ride after because Matthew wanted to go on that, too. The only problem was that the queue was massive and we could have possibly waited up to forty minutes. It was already getting late and we needed to get back in time to the hotel for some dinner and bedtime. Instead Matthew and me went to see Peppa Pig’s House. It was Peppa, George, Mummy and Daddy Pig sitting at the table making and flipping pancakes. Some landed on the ceiling. (silly Daddy Pig). Chloe and daddy had disappeared so me and Matthew walked around the park for a bit. On the way we met Daddy Pig. We found the two back at Miss Rabbit’s Ice Cream Parlour getting donuts for everyone. Daddy also bought a bucket of pink and blue candy floss which we shared. Chloe didn’t like the texture.

Last stop was the Peppa Pig Toy Shop. As it was Easter, the kids were allowed to pick a few toys for themselves. We only had chocolate at the hotel after all. Matthew scored a Peppa Pig train. While Chloe got three new books (I lost one already), a Candy Cat soft toy (can you tell she loves cats?), a Peppa Pig balloon, Peppa and George tooth brush and a Peppa Pig ball. Matthew is generally the person who gets the most so it was nice to see that Chloe got treated for once too. I got daddy some Daddy Pig socks for the laugh.

We walked back to the car. On the way, the train in the park was just about to leave. Matthew really wanted to see it. We stopped of course.

Soon enough both kids fell asleep in the car. I think they slept nearly two hours. Thankfully bedtime was still doable but they went to bed later than usual which is understandable after such a long nap.

In the next post I will tell you all about our last full day which we spent in a Safari Park.

12 thoughts on “Easter Break in the UK – Peppa Pig World

  1. Oh you wouldn’t be able to do this for the day because you would need a car. Especially from Belfast. You could stay over nearby because it’s in Southampton

  2. I think my kids are a bit big for Peppa these days, I should have taken them when they were smaller. Looks like you had a lovely time, making great memories for your little ones.

  3. We’ve never been but I know the kids would love it. Looks like you had a lovely time, making great memories for your little ones.

  4. It wasn’t too bad on the Saturday even though I wished we fitted more in. xx

  5. Awwww we went to Peppa Pig World during the Easter holidays as well, it was our third time there but we have just as much fun every time we go. It’s the perfect place for little ones, although the queues can be horrendous at times. xx

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