Peppa Pig Wall Decal & Labels *Review* + Giveaway

Over the last few months Chloe has found the love for Peppa the pig. To some parents this an absolute nightmare. They can’t stand the pig and are trying to stand well off it. I don’t mind too much. Even the five year old is still interested, particularly in the iPad apps you can avail of in the app store. It’s education after all.

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Peppa Pig Muddy Puddles Play Mat *Review*

Over the last few months Chloe has taken a liking to Peppa the pig. She was never into watching TV until she turned two which is a good thing too. As she becomes more aware of her surroundings now and knows what’s going on, she demands Peppa Pig on the TV every day. Her big brother doesn’t mind too much as we rotate the programs. Though he could watch his own stuff in the play room as well.

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Peppa’s Laugh & Learn Laptop

Chloe is getting to the age now where she is starting to like watching TV. She was never a big of watching TV. She much prefers music and nursery rhymes and she still does. Sometimes though she finds an interest in Peppa Pig. We read Peppa Pig books to her every night and she is telling me how Peppa Pig is her. She loves Candy Cat the most though. She got a teddy bear at Peppa Pig World at Easter.

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Easter Break in the UK – Peppa Pig World

We are into day four of our holidays from last week in England. That morning we planned to get up early enough to make our way to Paulton Park.Ideally we wanted to be on the road by 10am. We actually managed to follow our plans and left shortly before ten.  There was not much to pack anyway other than nappies, wipes, snack and our tickets.

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Our Christmas Book Collection


I love reading to the kids. It is part of our daily bedtime routine and I wouldn’t change it ever. It is very good for them later in life especially now that Matthew started pre-school and he will be entering the big school next year. It’s so beneficial to them. As a child myself I had millions of books (Slightly exaggerating there with the numbers) but I loved reading as a child. I had everything from dinosaur books to comics. I wish I had that much enthusiasm like I had as a child. The last book for myself that I read was before Matthew was born. I haven’t touched a book since. Now I am reading several different blogs daily, so I suppose you can count that as a book?

I am changing Matthew’s bookshelf regularly to mix up his books. Especially when the season changes I love adding new books to it. So one week ago, I started taking down the Halloween books and dusting off the Christmas books from the bookshelf that sits in the living room. These are now upstairs. We haven’t put up his bookshelf in the new house yet since we move but it is on our list.

As well as the existing Christmas/Winter themed books, I also added a bunch of new books this year. A week ago I made an order on Amazon for a new ones. I always like to add to the collection, particularly now that the pound is so low it’s well worth it ordering from the UK and get it sent over via Parcel Motel.

The three new books I purchased are actually activity books. Two  of them are sticker books. One of them is from the Usborne range and the other is called Maisy’s Christmas Sticker Book. So you basically stick while you read which I think Matthew will enjoy. He has a passion for stickers and colouring in these days. The third book is a colouring in book based on Advent. Each day in December you get to colour in a page which I thought was pretty cool. Something different than the usual chocolate advent colour the kids get every year. (He gets that on top of it too of course)

Now that Chloe is not far off turning two, she is starting to enjoy books more. One of her favourite ones is the Christmas sound book. I think it’s from the Usborne range too. Press the button and you can hear Santa saying “Ho Ho Ho”, or press another button and you hear the sound of “Jingle Bells”.  Another one she adores, is the “Jingle Jingle Little Reindeer” book. It’s basically a finger puppet which you can move around. She loves giving it kisses at the end of the story and saying “night night”. We actually reviewed this book last year as part of the Parragon member group.

“Stick Man” is probably the all time favourite by everyone. A story that never gets old reading. Sometimes it can be just a little too  long for Chloe though so we are going upstairs a bit earlier that there is enough time to read a longer story.

“Usborne very first words Christmas” edition is brilliant for teaching your little ones about Christmas and the different words. There is different scenery on each page. For example playing outside in the snow, decorating the Christmas tree, Santa arriving or unwrapping the presents.

And there are the ultimate classics… the Peppa Pig Christmas range. Even at four years of age, Matthew still enjoys having them read to him and looking at the pictures. I’d say it’s probably the illustrations and short sentence on each page that makes it so attractive.

Last but not least, a new book to our collection is called “Good Night Santa”. I was delighted to find that one online because we already have “Good Night Digger” and “Good Night Tractor”. I think other ones included in the range are “Good Night Princess” and “Good Night Pirate” but we don’t have those just yet.

Do you have any of these books? What Christmas books do you have on yours kids bookshelf?

Peppa Pig Book Collection

We are big fans of Peppa Pig in our house. There is no doubt. Every night before bed we are sitting down on the couch to read a Peppa Pig story. We read it so often that Matthew knows certain sentences off by heart.

So how big is our Peppa Pig book collection you are wondering?


Personally I like the board books best. They are strong and great for little hands to turn the page. Chloe will be getting great use out of them too as Matthew is turning 3 now he finds more interest in longer stories.

Family Editions

My Mummy, My Daddy, My Grandma, My Grandpa


Board books we have collected

1. The Fire Engine
2. Daddy Pig’s Fun Run
3. Peppa Goes to the Library
4. Peppa’s Washing Day
5. Peppa’s First Pet
6. Peppa and the Big Train
7. Peppa goes to Hospital
8. Baby Alexander
9. Peppa’s Big Race

Peppa’s Easter Egg Hunt



Furthermore I have started buying paperback books too. Matthew loves the longer stories now and they are great for this kind of stuff and at the same time he is learning for example about the tooth fairy and how important brushing teeth is.



Isn’t it cute? Dr. Elephant explains how to keep your teeth clean and healthy, how to brush your teeth and what happens when your milk teeth fall out. These books are quite large. I picked them up in Asda a few months ago.


These 2 paperback books are bit smaller but like the big ones a long story in each of them as well. All books are made from Ladybird. I think you can never have too many books. I am still looking for more whenever I browse in the shops.

Are you a fan of Peppa Pig, do you collect the books? Have you got any that are not in our collection?

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