Family Holiday – What to do when Sick Abroad

Heading away this time of year has become very popular in the last few years. Even celebrating Christmas abroad seems to be the new trend. It’s not an option for us this year but I have looked into heading to Lapland for a few days next year. Let’s be honest, Ireland is never going to get a white Christmas.

To date we have only ever been on a family holiday once. That doesn’t count traveling over to the UK this Easter. Summer last year we braved Spain with the two kids. We went for ten days. I think seven days is just not enough for a family holiday when you are just settling in. Two days of those seven days are pretty much traveling on its own already.

When we travel with the kids, we always bring a little pharmacy with us. Even on short trips like a weekend away in Ireland. They could get sick any time. Germs are hidden everywhere. As the two are at play centre/ soft play age, they could pick up anything. I normally have a seperate little bag with me that includes all the essentials for when they are sick, or us parents. This includes, Braun thermometer, Calpol, Nurofen, Paracetamol, plasters and Arnica cream.

Spain is one of my favourite destinations to travel to. It is advised to avoid drinking the tap water in Spain. This is the reason why every corner shop sells gallons of water. You better invest in a few bottles of water and spend a few Euros, rather than getting sick abroad. The package we went for was full board. This included buffet in the morning, lunch time and dinner time. There was themed food nearly every evening. One evening it was Sushi. The unlucky hubby managed to get food poising for a few days which wasn’t nice to see.  This, by the way, is the most common illness abroad.

In my opinion it is important that you are covered when traveling abroad under your health insurance.

Though another option you have is Your Legal Friend who can help you out when trying to do a sick on holiday claim.  Claiming for illness while on holiday is covered by something called ‘The Package Travel,
Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations Act’, which means if something you’ve paid for is not as expected, fails to meet standards or causes you illness or injury while on holiday, you can make a claim. Food related illnesses are only covered, if you have paid for an all-inclusive hotel which means you have not eaten outside of the hotel.

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