How we keep our Office Organised

We are very lucky to have our own office in the house. When we originally looked at a house, we wanted it to be our forever home. One of the key points to it, was to have an office space if possible. As a blogger you need a little bit of privacy to concentrate. In the old house I didn’t get much done on the couch in the living room to be honest.

We have been living in our current house over a year now. And that is also how long it took us to finish our office space. Somehow it ended up as our least priority. We already have a big computer table we took with us from our old house. So at least we didn’t have to buy that new. It fits perfect into the corner of the room, as if we measured it. It’s big enough to fit hubby’s and my PC on it which is very handy. At the very beginning all our computer stuff and hubby’s consoles were lying all over the place. I took to the internet to find a handy man who could build us a custom made shelving above the computer table.

Lots and lots of shelving

Originally we had him in the house for a few other little bits around the house but it turned out he does customised shelving, tables, anything we wanted really. He came in one day and measured the wall. Now we have three beautiful, sturdy and long shelves sitting above the computer table and I absolutely love it. You can probably tell in the photo which side is mine. I have yet to clean up hubby’s side and make it somehow home interior perfect. I have a few little ideas in mind what I am going to do with all the photos we receive from the creche. With the shelving we got a huge amount of stuff off the floor already.

There was another shelving unit we took with us from the old house. I have been thinking of replacing it multiple times. First of it’s not that sturdy and second of it doesn’t really match the room. So lately I have been browsing a few home interior websites, as you do as a blogger. The house we lived in, everything was oak. We now moved away from that to everything white pretty much. I really like this ladder desk. Lots of storage on it and it looks beautiful.

This could also hold one of these cute looking desk tidy boxes.

IKEA Kallax  Storage Unit 

I replaced a wooden bedside drawer with a kallax unit from IKEA and used black canvas boxes in it. This stores all seasonal decor we need during the year, arts and crafts, games and miscellaneous. It looks so much neater and you can add little things on top of it, too. Right now I am finally using the wooden storage unit I purchased in IKEA long time ago. I just couldn’t look at the pen holders on the shelf anymore because we have like a million pens. So one drawer is dedicated to all the pens in the world we have. Other one is for my blog business cards and PR business cards I received. The other two have yet to be filled.

Customised Table

As mentioned above, hubby loves his retro games. He has quite a few consoles. So as well as an office, it’s also a gaming room. I have to confess I love a bit of gaming myself. If there was just a few more hours in the day. So from the same carpenter we got a custom made desk done. Each side had doors to storage all his consoles and games on one side and all our board games on the other side. We also needed something that is fairly sturdy due to the old TV. We kept this because the retro games work and look best on it. The material of this desk is the same as the shelving above the computer table. We are very pleased with it.

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  1. Kallax units are the best. We have another one in the play room. They are just so handy

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