1000 Questions to Myself #8

Again this week I am taking part in the 1000 questions challenge created by Pinkepank. I am a little bit behind still but I am slowly catching up. You can find all the other questions here, in case you fancy taking part, too. Some questions are actually really hard and it takes me a few minutes to think about the answer.

141. Which countries would you like to travel to?

There are just too many I would like to visit. I have a big travel bucket list but at the very top of my list would be Denmark, Norway, Hawaii, Mexico and Morocco.

142. What kind of supernatural powers would you like to have?

With a click of a finger be able to make it from one country to another. I would tick off my travel bucket list in no time. So teleport.

143. When did you feel like sinking into the ground?

Oh, there is probably a few occasions where I could have sunken into the ground. Like I dropped something by accident in the shop but this can happen to anyone… well I hope it does. But I always have a tendency to drop something at some point. Matthew must have inherited that from me.

144. Which song gets you into a good mood?

Rain by The Script, can’t think of anything else at the moment as that song came on the radio this morning.

145. How flexible are you?

I was never the person for doing things spontaneously and this certainly didn’t change since having my two kids. I like to plan ahead. In fact hubby and I are sharing a calendar on Google which keeps us up to date with our day to day life and what we have on each week.

146. Is there a very unusual combination when it comes to food that you like?

The first thing that comes to mind, and something I haven’t had in such a long time, would be potatoes with apple sauce. Common enough in Germany but not common in Ireland I think.

147. What do you do if you have to wait in a very long queue?

Depends… if I am on my own, I’d probably browse social media on my phone. If I was with the kids, I would have to make sure they don’t run off.

148. Do you look better in the mirror or in photos?

It takes a very long time before I actually like a photo of myself. The latest one is probably my blog profile picture which was taken almost a year ago. I am meant to be taking new photos but I just never get a chance. So the answer to your question, I would say in photos.

149. Would you intake less calories or do more sport?

Do more sport, I like food way too much. To be honest I am not doing any exercise at all apart from chasing the kids in the house or running up and down the stairs.

150. Do you talk to yourself?

Yes, who doesn’t?

151. What would you like to be famous for?

I don’t want to be necessarily famous as centre of attention is not my thing but if it was a case for being famous such as a successful blogger, I take that. As long as there is no need for public interviews etc.

152. How does it feel like to be rejected?


153. Who would you like to get to know better?

A few bloggers I am following on a daily basis.

154. Do you always smell nice?

I don’t know, can you smell yourself? As long as I don’t smell it’s okay.

155. How many books do you read a year?

None, I know that’s bad form. I haven’t read a book in about six years. I am meant to pick it up again  but there is so much to do once the kids are in bed.

156. Do you google yourself?

Yes, I have in the past but very rare.

157. Which historical event would you have liked to see before your own eyes?

Honestly, I wouldn’t be too pushed on any historical events from the past. History was a subject in school I hated. It was so funny because my History teacher was also my English teacher and she couldn’t understand how I was so crap in History but so good in English.

158. Could you live with all your friends?

I have lived in an apartment with a few friends before but never with my close friends. I could imagine it would work out well if we had our own space every now and again.

159. Do you talk to objects?

At this stage I probably should be in a mental home. HAHA Yes, I do talk to certain objects, mostly if they don’t work.

160. What is your biggest deficit?

I think I mentioned this in a question before but it may well be complaining a lot. But in fairness life wouldn’t be fun if there was nothing to complain about, right?

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