Why I don’t have a Christmas Wishlist

I was going to make a Christmas wishlist for myself but I kept thinking “What do I want for Christmas that I don’t already have?” It was a hard one and I just simply couldn’t come up with anything. So instead I decided to write a post about why I don’t have a Christmas wishlist this year.


Since having kids, we have been creating documents on Google drive. This will include the gifts we buy for them and ourselves, including a link and the price. As you can probably imagine, the list for the kids is endless all the time. There is always something you need to get them, whether that’s clothes or a toy that they have spotted in the shop or on TV. Daddy generally gets something practical every year. For example, if he runs out of fragrance, I will buy him another bottle. If he runs out of clothes, I will buy him a chunk more.

Last year my list of items I asked for Christmas were very modest already. I asked for a blogger mug, a quiet kettle, clothes, new boots, a selfie stick and more capsules for my Tassimo coffee machine. Pretty practical things. Considering my list was very modest last year, what could I possibly ask for this Christmas?

I have everything I want… A new build house, two beautiful and healthy children, a big car, a job I love going to every morning and a caring hubby. I am not a typical girl who is into fragrances, beauty or fashion. I don’t need to follow the latest fashion trend. Of course I put on the odd perfume when going out which is super rare, considering we never had a babysitter. Beauty isn’t something I would be too obsessed with either. I am a busy mum of two who works full-time as well. Hubby would say now “You can go off and do whatever you want”. I go to the hairdresser twice a year. Last time I’ve been was March I think as far as I can remember. It’s time to go again though because my fringe is getting on my nerves. The only beauty thing I don’t leave the house without is my foundation and my mascara. I suppose that’s the only beauty obsession I would have.

Now some of you might say “but it says in her profile she is online shopping obsessed“. You are correct… but more for the kids than me. And in fairness I never buy stuff that they don’t need. I stopped that many years ago. Matthew might end up falling or he went around on his knees which means a jeans or tracksuit bottom is gone. So off I go buy a new one. It’s getting colder so both kids need warmer jumpers other than the t-shirt kind of like jumpers. Everything I buy is practical.

Before having kids I used to play Nintendo a lot. I could have asked for a new game, but do I really need it? I have a Animal Crossing game that I haven’t finished yet. On the other side I don’t even get time to play it. When the kids are in bed, I either blog or browse the internet to catch up on some other blogs.

I could have asked for blogging related material. Again, do I really need it? I got a notebook off hubby two Christmasses ago. Since blogging became a bit more serious, I am now using hubby’s desktop PC which is a lot faster so I actually get things done quicker. I was thinking of a blog planner. I got one last year and I only used it about a hand full. It’s great for organising posts and all that but I have it either all written down in WordPress or my phone.

All I ask for this Christmas is to be with my family and see the happy faces of my kids when they wake up on Christmas morning and Santa has been. The extra time off with them, no work to get up to early in the morning. Simply just enjoy some family time under the Christmas tree with a few Christmas biscuits that we will hopefully bake and a Christmas movie such as Santa Clause. I love the excitement leading up to Christmas. Putting up the Christmas decoration, putting up the Christmas tree, going all out in the garden with lights. That’s the best gift.

Are you struggling for gifts for yourself this Christmas?

12 thoughts on “Why I don’t have a Christmas Wishlist

  1. Spending TIME with your loved ones is the greatest gift ever anyway!
    I don’t need any presents too. I’m so happy I can spend the days with my family. That’s all I need.

  2. Truely said. I buy something for myself whenver. It doesn’t have to be necessarily for Christmas just for the sake of it. xx

  3. Christmas is all about the kids! My husband and I haven’t bought presents for each other for years as most of the time we have already bought anything that we want or need. Some years I am a little bit sad about it but there is no point buying things for the sake of it xxx
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