Summer with Marks & Spencer

I am super excited to say that recently I had one of my most exciting blog collaboration since my three year blogging “career”. As you all may know, and probably seen in my blog bio and all social media channels, I am a quite an online shopping addict. When I got the opportunity to collaborate with Marks and Spencer, I was over the moon. New clothes AND shopping online? Well hello! How can you say no?

Summer is always a funny time, especially in Ireland. You never know if it’s worth buying summer clothes. Up until October we lived in the North West part of Ireland. It is scientifically proven that the West gets 30% more rain than the East. So when we moved to the East, I was more than happy to see the sun shining more. I remember them  days moaning about the horrible weather. We have been living in the East eight months and I don’t think I have complained about the weather much at all. I am that kind of person whose mood depends on the weather sometimes.

With Chloe being born in the Winter time, I wouldn’t really have bought any summer clothing. What’s the point? She is bang on with the sizing so it would mean, I had to buy her a wardrobe full of summer clothes. I generally buy last minute. For example, if I see the weather improving, I buy one or two bits and pieces. It grows and grows overtime. It’s much more worth my money shopping summer clothes for Matthew as he can still fit in size 4-5 years but of course I stocked up on size 5-6 which he could get nearly 1 1/2 years out of.

I’ll have to be honest with you, I have never bought anything in Marks and Spencer before. It never appealed to me up until recently. Matthew is starting school in September and I was told by a few people that they have the best clothing for school. This is where I thought I’d try out their general clothing and I purchased a few for me and the kids. (hubby didn’t want to get involved, but I’d  say secretly he would have loved a few new clothes items)

With Matthew starting school in September, he requires sports trainers for PE. At the beginning of the year, we have all signed up in the local tennis club. Hubby is back into playing tennis and Matthew goes after his daddy and wants to be just like him. When he turns five, we said we would start going on the court with him. These shoes look super comfy and just right to get started. He generally always has three pairs of shoes he can choose from.

Chloe is at the funny age at the moment where we are off to Clarks every three months to buy a new pair of shoes for her. Only recently she jumped up a size but I always have two pairs available for her. For a two year old, she is pretty smart being able to put on her own shoes, close them the whole lot. She adores cats, so when i saw the leather T-bar cat shoes, they had to be added to my shopping basket. She won’t even take them off now.

Brother and sister are certainly kitted out for this year’s summer. It’s supposed to be a good one. I couldn’t resist but buying her those ice cream cotton leggings. She pretty much lives in leggings. I do myself. Chloe is a big Peppa Pig fan (even though she doesn’t actually watch it really) so the t-shirt also made it into the basket. It’s such a summery colour.

Mummy on the other hand treated herself to some new summer shoes. I mostly wear my converse but during the summer time I love wearing moccasin type shoes. These Bow Boat shoes are a dream in fact and so comfy. I had a pair last year but I wore them so much that at the end of the summer they landed in the bin. As mentioned above, I love wearing legging. This means most of my tops will have to be a bit longer. Sometimes I am struggling to find something decent. It’s either too short, or doesn’t look right. I have to say I love this floral print t-shirt. It’s so light and it can be thrown on for any occasion.

Disclosure: This collaboration was supported by Marks & Spencer and Shopping Links

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