Living Arrows 13/52 Glorious Sunshine

Our weekend was just wow. Mother nature finally decided Ireland is in need of some sun for a whole weekend. (And it keeps going on this lovely Monday afternoon) We used this weather to its maximum and spent most of the time outside. We still haven’t managed to work on the garden, so while the kids were outside playing, I decided to move everything around and place it where it should be for the summer. I also started on my flower bed in the corner.

Saturday morning was not so much of a nice wake up call. Chloe woke up in the middle of the night coughing and then getting sick all over. First time ever for her. I’d say she must have picked it up in creche. Maybe it’s making the round at the moment. She was feeling much better after that though, once it was out. The only downside was runny nappies and she wasn’t up too much eating and still isn’t. She is getting there though. I took today off to give her another full day of recovery.

So Saturday we got all the different ride ons out, cleaned the play house so they could start playing inside. It was full of cobwebs. The grass was still a bit wet. I took one of the giant foam jigsaws we have and placed it underneath the house. That way they could both sit in the house without getting their little bum wet. I am thinking of buying a little picnic table or similar for them. Not sure yet though. Might be a waste in a few years when Chloe is old enough and can sit at the table outside. They had their lunch in the play house which was really exciting for them.

Later in the afternoon daddy and Matthew went off to the shop to pick up our new tablet. On the way they stopped at the shop and bought everyone an ice cream which we all ate outside.

Sunday morning Matthew and me went off to Dundrum to meet his auntie and his cousins Cormac and Ailbhe. We had a slot booked in the pottery Giddy Studios. Matthew picked up a tile and painted the background yellow. As he loved transformers so much at the moment, he wanted to have one of the transformers on the tile. It was much job then to stencil it on and colour it in.He really enjoyed himself and instructed me which colour has to go where. We spent around two hours in there until we were finished. At the end Matthew got a red lollipop as a reward.

Afterwards we went for some well deserved lunch. The boys had pancakes. The two are so funny together. Completely mad in fact. But I suppose they are at the age now. Cormac is only a year older than Matthew. Shopping with the two can be challenging. We did managed to find three new pairs of tracksuit bottoms. Let’s see how long they last this time until a hole appears. Matthew has been asking me for sunglasses for so long now. H&M had a variety of them and he picked a Spiderman one for himself. He won’t take them off now. By chance we also found a lovely transformers t-shirt which was only like €4. Bargain.

For dinner I promised Matthew McDonald’s. I am trying to cut down the McDonald’s for the kids as it is fast food after all. We haven’t had it in probably two months or so which is really good. It used to be a case where we had it every other week. Chloe only drank the fruit shoot as she was still not up to eating anything. I really like the way we have something planned nearly every weekend now. It makes it so much more enjoyable when the sun comes out as well.

Living Arrows

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  1. I can’t wait for the garden to be finished. I am planning to add a few more bits like a bigger slide and maybe a trampoline. xx

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