Living Arrows 15/52 Haircut & Ice Cream

Can you believe it, it’s Monday again. The weekend has gone in a flash. It seems to go super fast since we started planning our weekends. It is great that we can go out and about more now with the kids. Thankfully this week is going to be a very short one for us. Work today and tomorrow and we are off to the UK on a ferry on Wednesday morning. So exciting. One of the things that is on our family bucket list.

The weekend was packed and the weather was absolutely amazing. Unfortunately it only lasted a day though. Typical. There is no way Ireland can have a week of sunshine.  Saturday morning we spent outside most of the time. It was hard not to with the sun beaming in our face. We were playing outside and I was able to put the wash outside rather than throwing it into the dryer. I still think some clothes shrink when I do that but that is probably just my imagination.

Once daddy came back from his tennis match, we headed to Blanchardstown Shopping Centre… on a mission. The mission was to get Chloe’s hair cut. It was a mess. You can see it in previous pictures I shared on the blog, or even on Instagram. So off we went to Mothercare where Kiddy’s Cut is located.

We had to wait for a bit as a little boy was getting his first hair cut. I am glad we are not the only people who are being embarrassed by their kids screaming down the shop. There is a reason why the place was at the very end of the shop with a small door entry. To be honest I imagined it more dramatic.  When we got Matthew’s first hair cut, it was just before his second birthday and we couldn’t even hold him down. Chloe was just crying sitting in the yellow car.  It was a success though and she looks like a new woman now.

That deserved a treat. The woman was so kind and gave us a few lollipops for her and her brother. Funny enough only before that Matthew asked for a lollipop as a treat. He wasn’t too keen on getting an ice cream so mammy and daddy got one instead and bought him a small tub of bubblegum ice cream anyway which he shared with his sister. Shortly after we got to sample a cinnamon pretzel. I love pretzels so hubby got me a full one. We are nearly on holidays after all so I deserved that I think.

On the way back both kids fell asleep in the car. While hubby stayed with him in the car, I popped into Woodies to pick up a pot of paint for our chairs, table and bench outside. They badly needed to be painted because they are chipped all over. It must have been four years or so as it was my  mum who painted it last. I managed to paint the bench in the evening time but the rest might have to wait until we are back from our Easter break. (note: I haven’t even packed yet!!)

Sunday we spent the day in Rathwood and went on an Easter egg hunt. I will go into more detail in a seperate post about that though.

What have you got up to in this lovely weather?

11 thoughts on “Living Arrows 15/52 Haircut & Ice Cream

  1. I’ve loved the weather the last few days we’ve been exploring in Blake’s granny and grandpa’s garden. Hope u enjoy yiur ride in the ferry.

  2. Oh lovely. My girls loved the Easter Egg hunt we went to last year.
    My eldest hated her first hair cut too!

    We’ve just been going out for little walks and the girls have been in the back garden playing 🙂

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