BigJig’s Toys Dump Truck Review #PlayPatrol

As part of being a reviewer for the BigJig’s Toys Play Patrol, I am bringing you the latest toys from the Green Toys range.  I haven’t actually reviewed one in quite some time. Life is catching up and I have been super busy on the blog as well.  A few weeks ago another exciting toy arrived in the post for the kids to try out.

We are lacking a bit of outdoor toys. The kids like bringing their indoor toys outdoors sometimes too.  But not all toys are compatible with the outdoor world, particularly in the sandpit. They either get sand stuck in it and it takes forever to get it out or it breaks altogether. BigJigs Toys sent us a dump truck which is just the right size for our sandpit in the garden.

The Dump Truck is from the Green Toys range which are constructed from recycled plastic… So basically very eco friendly and non toxic. The truck is very safe to play with and there are no concerns of metal axels. Everything is complete plastic and very economical which I really like about the toy.

Sand can be easily filled and dumped again. It encourages them playing in the sandpit even more rather than just having a bucket, a spade and some shapes. They both also love racing each other around the house with it. It’s big enough to hold onto it and push it around the house or outside.

The other day it got a bit dirty from chalk and all sorts. It can be easily wipes down and it looks like brand new.

The truck is available on the BigJigs Toys website for £21.99. They are available in two different colours which are pink and red. Suitable for any kids from the age of 12 months.

*Disclaimer: We are part of the BigJigs Toys Play Patrol

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