Living Arrows – 36/52 Chilling Out


I didn’t bother with a living arrows post last week because my blog was filled with birthday posts enough. The weekend wouldn’t have been any different.

We took last weekend very easy. We had enough going on the weekend before that with friends staying over and Matthew’s fifth birthday celebration. On top of that my little baby boy started school on Thursday. I took Thursday and Friday off to guide him through this big milestone. Daddy was there too on the first day. I have to say he did really well. There was absolutely no fuss and he was happily sitting down at the table and started building things.

Our usual Saturday started off with swimming lessons in the morning. His lessons were up last weekend but I topped up. I decided to keep him going because I feel once I stop, he will hate it. It’s only half an hour each morning and most of the time we can fit that in no problem.

Our weekend was all about treats, Lego, play dates and colouring in. We spent most of it indoors for once. It was warm outside but the weather was still strange as it was raining most weekend. Matthew received a lot of Lego from his friends. He is not able to put the little pieces together and he doesn’t have the patience for it either. Instead he was watching me in the kitchen putting it together and he was playing with it after. I bought another storage box for all his Lego now and put it way up high in the play room so Chloe can’t reach it because it has little bits in it.

Both kids received a Schuletuete when Matthew started school last week. I felt Chloe needed a little treat after all the treats Matthew got all week. One of the things inside was a colouring pad from Dealz (Poundland for people in the UK). It’s probably one of the best colouring pads I have seen in a long time. It shows you the colours what way it should be coloured in and it is so much easier to turn the pages. Chloe had some fun with that in the afternoons.

We also had a movie night Saturday afternoon. Normally we have down time when Chloe is having a nap but she is not too pushed about going for a nap at the weekend. So they all got a bowl of sweeties and treats including daddy to enjoy with the movie.

Living Arrows

8 thoughts on “Living Arrows – 36/52 Chilling Out

  1. I like Poundland. You can get some good stuff there which are actually known brands too. why buy them expensive when its the same there

  2. I agree with swimming lessons, it is so risky to stop them isn’t it! We have had a 7 week break through the summer and I really wonder how they will take it when we return next week!

  3. Lovely photos of the children. I hope Matthew is continuing to adapt to school so well. I got one of those colouring books for Olivia and agree they are great.

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