Matthew, You Are Five 

Dear Matthew,

Today we celebrated a special day… your birthday. I can’t believe you turned five years old already.  You were definitely spoilt all weekend and you deserve it of course.

This time five years ago you made an appearance into this world. 22.46pm to be exact. It was an exhausting day but we were so happy when you were finally here.

I remember the early days so well. The first night actually when you were crying non stop and as first time parents we couldn’t figure out what was wrong with you. As a precaution we took you to the hospital. Thankfully it was only trapped wind.

We have reached so many milestones over the last few years. There are the obvious ones like talking and walking. But in the last year you have learnt how to ride a bike without stabilizers. You are finally at the stage of letting me cut your finger nails without a fuss. You have also taken the plunge to let daddy take you to the hairdresser on Friday. I am finally out of the hairdresser business and it looks so much better. We are very proud of you.

You are such a sociable little guy and you had absolutely no trouble making new friends when we moved house. In fact you made some really good friends who you are having play dates with regularly.

In just under three days it will be your first day of school. This is probably your biggest milestone yet. Mummy and daddy worry more than you I’d say. You keep telling me the last week that you want to go to school now and you don’t want to go to creche. I’m sure it will take some adjustment especially now that you will have to wear a uniform. Oh wearing a shirt every day… You will get used to it baby boy. Mummy and daddy will help you and guide you through this journey.

Your favourite TV show at the moment is Transformers Robots in Disguise without a doubt. You love it so much that most of the time you don’t want to watch anything else.

You also have become a better eater in my opinion. There are a few things you don’t eat here and there but that’s okay. You don’t have to like all foods that are out there. Mummy doesn’t like certain things either.

A year ago you weren’t the biggest walker. This has improved a bit. You definitely walk more than you did before. I let you have a rest every now and again in your sisters stroller or you can stand on top of it.

This year you took a ride on a ferry for the very first time and you have been asking since to go again. You love going on trips in the car which is in my favour as I love exploring around the country and possibly around the UK again.

In the meantime, I am sure we are going to collect many more special memories over the next year.

Until next time.

We love you very much.

Mummy & Daddy

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