Our Nautical Themed Master Bedroom

I feel like this little project of mine has been dragging on for such a long time. It all started off at the beginning of the year, when I shared my wish list of decor with you. Decorating each room in the house can take such a long time. Particularly when I want it to be 110% and not just 100%. Seven months fast forward since that post and  I am finally at the end of decorating our master bedroom. I will probably end up with one or two more things here or there but that’s it then.

I love the sea, the beach, the summer. Before we made the big move in October last year, we lived just a minute drive from the Atlantic Ocean. It’s now around a forty minutes drive to the Irish Sea which isn’t too bad but it would be a day out pretty much. I wanted a room in the house that reminds me of the sea and the beach all year round. What better room could that be other than the master bedroom. Due to the large and long windows, this room also get s a lot of natural light.

I generally got most of my room inspiration from Pinterest. It’s the best place to be for home interiors in my opinion. I then decorated and designed it in my own way.

In our previous home we had a canvas hanging above our bed. I didn’t want the same thing again. Instead a shelf was a bit of a twist. We can place multiple items on it and it just makes the room look fulfilled. The photo frames and shelf were purchased from IKEA. Being a nautical themed room, the main feature on the shelf is our family portrait taken in Spain last Summer. It is one of my favourite pictures we have taken as a family so far. One each of the portrait I placed a boat and a quote in a frame that says “Home is where the anchor drops”. I do like a bit of greenery in the room, too. The little artificial plant from IKEA in a metal looking pot added to the feature of the shelf.

Right underneath that I found something really cool on Not on the Highstreet. These are the coordinates of the town hubby and me met along with the date. I really liked that idea. It can be customised to any size you want and any colour. Blue hit the spot for the room of course.

I love cushions. You can never have enough cushions. We have had three cushions prior the move. One was Christmas themed and the other two were getting old anyway. I just replaced the cushion cover with two blue covers from IKEA and a beach one purchased on Ebay. It gives our super kingsize bed a nice contrast. Matching that we have a nautical bedding set. I actually bought another one that is grey but matches the theme as well.

I used to have the attitude of “Just buy a new one” but that changed. We have a bedside lamp sitting beside our bed. The handle is pretty basic and to be honest will go with whatever theme you decide in a bedroom. The only thing that I had to replace was the lampshade. I picked a light/cream colour. It was red before and the light spreading across the room wasn’t nice at all. This is nice and bright now and handy for when we read bedtime stories before it’s off to bed for the kids.

Now we come to the part of the room that took me the longest and I was very indecisive. This part is the reason why the post has taken me so long. Beside our bed we have a quite large empty wall. It was clear that I wanted to cover this in photos but I wasn’t sure in what way. First I wanted to put up one or two wires, the way we had it previously but then I was reminded how the photos fall down from the draft when the window is open. Instead I printed off a few of my favourite photos in the last year on a website called Lalalab in retro style and stuck them to the wall with Blu Tack. I am really happy with the end result.

Above our bedside locker I hung up a print of the world in a turquoise water colour. I associate nautical also with traveling. There are so many places I want to see and visit.

As mentioned above, our room is very bright during the summer months especially. We have to have blinds as well as curtains. I am not a fan of a complete blacked out room but I also don’t like it too bright. Nautical reminds me of stripes. When I found these curtains in one of our local home stores in town, I had to get it. Matching I picked up a brown cord with pearls on it to hold back the curtains.

Next up on my home interior project is to finish the living room decor. I have finished Chloe’s room but if you read my blog regularly, you will know she doesn’t actually sleep in it the last few weeks. So both beds, cot bed and junior bed are currently residing in her room.

White Shelf – IKEA
White Frames – IKEA
Metallic Pot and Plant – IKEA
Artificial Potted Plant – IKEA
Boat Print – Found on Pinterest
Personalised Coordinates Wall Decal – Not on the Highstreet
Blue Cushion Cover – IKEA
Beach Cushion Cover – Ebay
Nautical Super Kingsize Bedding Set – Homestore and More
Cream Lampshade – B&Q
Curtains – Harry Corry

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