Matthew’s Bedroom Upgrade


Initially I wanted to have this post up and running quite some time ago but you know the way it is with the kids. This winter has been awful to us with sickness after sickness and I just simply didn’t get the time to put the finishing touches to his room, take the photos for the blog post and most importantly of all get time to write the blog post.
But here I finally am. You might find some inspiration for your new boys bedroom if you are currently planning to give it a new style.

Matthew’s Bedroom was Winnie Pooh themed up until the point he turned 3 and I decided to replace it with a new theme that suits his age more. After going back and fourth on Pinterest looking for that perfect theme I finally found something. I didn’t want to go Disney themed like Disney Pixar Cars or Paw Patrol or Thomas the Tank Engine when he can grow out of that at any time.

With 2 kids it is pretty much impossible to get time to paint a room now so I decided to keep the colour the same way. The top half of his room is cream which is the original colour of when my fiance bought the house nearly 8 years ago and the bottom half is light blue. Not necessarily a baby boy colour.


Through the middle of both paints I decided to paint a big fat black line which is supposed to show as a road. It goes all the way around his room. Once the black paint was dry, I paint the sides of the road and the lines in the middle white to indicate both directions. I used Homebase’s Paint for this because it was the only black paint I could find in the shop.


One of the evenings I grabbed 4 A4 Sheets of paper and drew a character of Disney Pixar Cars on each of them. Again in Homebase I found the perfect black frames to put my drawings into and hang them up on his wall. Matthew’s face was priceless the second he walked into the room and saw it. He is very happy with it and I am very pleased the way they turned out.


I wasn’t sure what to do with the rest of the wall so I went for a look around online and stumbled over Ebay. I found a lovely racing car bunting that might have to be removed completely again now because Matthew could possible be allergic to dust mites which goes lovely with the theme of the room. They have different colours but I went for the black.


The shortest one available is 15 flags. I wanted to cut it first and put the second bit underneath but in the end I decided to put it all around the room.


Some time at the end of last year I went on a bookshelf hunt online. Following several bloggers, I quickly realised that The Great Little Trading Company seems to be very popular for these kind of things to store your books or toys. I bought one of their bookshelves and got hubby’s friend to hang it up on the wall just behind Matthew’s bedroom door… the perfect place. Up until that point he always had his books at the end of his bed on a chair which was a bit annoying overtime.


His bed hasn’t changed since he moved into this big IKEA boy bed last year. He still absolutely loves it. Check out the cute sheep on the headboard!! The bedding is being changed between Paw Patrol, Cars and Mickey Mouse.

Do you like painting/decorating your little ones room?

14 thoughts on “Matthew’s Bedroom Upgrade

  1. I love getting ideas on pinterest. I could get lost on there for hours. lol The room looks amazing. My son would love this. 🙂 Thanks for linking up to Share With me #sharewithme

  2. It looks so cute! I particularly love the painted on road and your drawings. I also want one of those book shelves now. xx

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