Matthew’s Keepsake Box

When Matthew was born I received a keepsake box as a gift from one my work colleagues. Up to that point I wasn’t aware that you can get these kind of things and keep the babies bits and pieces in it as a memory.

the keepsake box

I liked the keepsake box idea so much that I went ahead and bought one for Chloe last year where I keep all her little bits and bobs in it as well. Both boxes were purchased in Next.

keepsake cute as a button

This box can actually store a lot of things. It’s a cute baby blue colour with 2 buttons attached to it. One to close it, the other one says “as cute as a button” beside it. This box is being kept in Matthew’s press and will be for a long time. I have probably opened it once or twice in the last 3 years to look at the cute little things he had as a baby.
So what did I add to Matthew’s keepsake box?

first sleepsuits

First up we have the sleepsuits he was wearing while we were in hospital. They were all size newborn but even those were too big on him because in fact he was a tiny baby so when we got home from the hospital, I had to go off and buy tiny baby sizes. They only lasted maybe 3 weeks or so until he put the weight on to wear the newborn clothes.

In the hospital
In the hospital

All the sleepsuits pictured I picked up in Tesco. I find their quality great when it comes to the sleepsuits and things like jackets and stuff.

first sleepsuits2

sleepsuit thumper disney

I specifically loved these cute Disney’s Bambi unisex sleepsuits. I just kept washing them so he could wear them all the time. He looked so adorable in them. Hubby and I were awing over them last night when I was taking the photos for the blog post. Even after washing them so many times, the pictures on them are still in great condition and they are still super soft, too.

first jacket mothercare

This was his first hat and jacket, both fleece when the days got colder. I purchased them from Mothercare. We actually only used the mittens/gloves once but I thought it’d be cute to save them anyway because they belong to the hat.

birth cards

Most importantly these were all his cards he received from family and friends when he was born. Personally I loved the customised one with his name on it from Moonpig.

christening outfit

In Ireland it is a thing to get your baby christened. I am not a fan of it to be honest as I am not religious but to keep everyone sweet and happy we did it anyway (In saying that Chloe still hasn’t been christenend…oops). It also means he can choose for himself in school whether he wants to take part in the communion a few years later or not. At least the option is there for him and he is not left out in any way. By the way this outfit was bought on Ebay. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

christening cards

I kept the cards as well. The one at the front was made by his cousins.

first christmas jumper

Last up we have Matthew’s first Christmas jumper. I think I got that in Penneys/Primark. At the time he wore it, it was pretty much too small on him because he was a little chubby baby but he wore it at least for a photo.

Do you have a keepsake box or anything similiar where you keep baby’s stuff safe?

7 thoughts on “Matthew’s Keepsake Box

  1. yes I have a keepsake box, I love opening it up and looking at all the cute things. I took some of the things out of their keepsake box and made a frame up with some of the things. I hung the frame up in their room, really nice to see some of their keepsakes.
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  2. I have an engraved trinket box that my husband bought and gave to me when we came home from hospital with Toby. In that are his hospital band, a lock of hair and the tape measure he was measured with at birth. I’ve also got a shoe box sized gift box a friend but his newborn gifts in, which now holds his first outfits and the such xx
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  3. Yes, I have keepsake boxes for both my girls. I have a newspaper from the day they were both born, first outfits, cards, certificates they have received for different things, lots of things! I think they are fab x

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