Me and Mine {July}

Half way through the year now and time to link up to the Me and Mine project again. I am getting good at taking these family photos on time the last 2 months. July seems like it has been a quite busy month for us. We were lucky enough to get a bit of heat and sunshine again the month of July. Hence our family pictures were taken at the beach. I wanted to take a family photo at the beach for so long but there was always something in the way. But we finally managed to do it. The beach is our happy place.

At the beginning of the month mummy was able to escape the Irish weather and head off to Berlin for some sunshine. Every time I am heading to Germany it seems to be either cold or raining. Luckily this time it was lovely, maybe a bit too lovely. It was really humid two of those days and you were just “crawling” along on.


Daddy was loving: 

• Looking forward to our first family holiday abroad
• Bring Matthew to the cinema

Mammy was loving: 

• Trip away to Berlin to see my bestie
• Hot weather
• Family time at the beach

Matthew was loving:

• Beach
• Playing in the sand at the beach
• Water fights in creche
• Winning a medal and trophy in creche
• Watching Secret Life of Pets with Daddy

Chloe was loving: 

• Riding her seesaw horse
• Dancing with Elmo
• Her new water cup



The Me and Mine Project

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