Me and Mine {October}

What a month it has been. The last four weeks were pretty much based all around the big move. We had to sign a lot of documents. I had to get moving box and declutter a lot of things. Because of that we haven’t really done much in the month. It has been a stressful one. But we are now in the new house for over a week already and I can honestly say we have settled in really well already. We haven’t met any of the neighbours yet because we are the first ones in the phase that has just been finished. There are many other houses beside us though and some people go for walk past our house. That way I got to talk to one or two.

Tomorrow will be my first day back at work after being off for full two weeks in a new office. It will be a complete new routine because we have to get up way earlier now due to the traffic in Dublin which means the kids will have to be dropped in earlier. Since the time has changed, Matthew has been getting up at 6am. So probably no harm. They’ll get used to it anyway.

With the move and everything, my family portrait for October is our last photo taken in the old house.


Daddy was loving:

• Chloe’s development
• No more traveling to work, shorter commute
• New house

Mammy was loving:

• The new kitchen (so much storage)
• Tumble Dryer (It’s a life changer)
• Halloween preparation

Matthew was loving:

• Drawing outside in the garden with chalk
• Play centre with daddy and Chloe
• Scooping out pumpkins
• Colouring in without going outside the lines

Chloe was loving:

• Messing with the cats
• Going around on her Mickey Mouse Ride On
• Walking all over the place (She started walking three weeks ago)


The Me and Mine Project

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  1. Ahh the little ones are so happy with such big smiles and looking more grown up each time. I love it. Nothing better than a family snuggle. #meandmineproject

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