Me and Mine {June 2017}

And just like that half the year of 2017 is over. We are entering July. Can you believe it? Because I certainly can’t. You wouldn’t believe it we are in the middle of the summer when you look outside the window right now. It’s so miserable but we are promised some nice weather at the weekend again. The end of the month means I am sharing a family portrait of us all. I have been joining in the Me and Mine project for the last two years now and I am so glad I did. We have so many nice family photos that we can treasure for years to come.

This month has been good to us again. We actually got a heatwave in Ireland that lasted more than one day… one week in fact. It’s great of or BBQ’s and getting the pool and all but when it comes to bedtime, a heatwave is certainly not something you want. Sometimes the kids were struggling to sleep in 26 degrees room temperature. I don’t blame them. One of them fans you can get in Spanish hotels would be great on the ceiling for those kind of days. But for two to three weeks summer a year, it’s not worth the money.

June is the month Matthew started swimming lessons. I was meant to sign him up a long time ago but I was just too busy with other things. He will attend his third class this weekend. The course is ten weeks long. He is absolutely loving it. The very first lesson I had to join him in the pool just so he can gain some confidence. The second lesson was much smoother and he wanted to get straight into the water and he listened to the teacher. In the end they even went into the big pool.

Today will also be an emotional day and one of Matthew’s milestones. He will finish his pre school  year. Hubby and me will be attending the graduation and play later this afternoon. It’s just two months until our boy will enter big school then!

Daddy was loving:

  • Sugar Plum Fairy (He means Chloe by this.)
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Getting his bike fixed
  • Going to Token with work mates (It’s a games room with retro games like Pacman and a restaurant)

Mammy was loving:

  • Walking the 10k Women Mini Marathon in Dublin
  • Night out with work mates
  • Catching up with work mates in the other office
  • Getting around to decorating the kids bedrooms (seperate post due soon)

Matthew was loving:

  • Starting swimming lessons
  • Learning how to ride a bike without stabilizers
  • Getting his first proper bike (It had to be orange by the way)
  • New Kitten
  • Going to his creche friend’s birthday party
  • Getting a new Rescue Bot toy
  • Splashing in the shark paddling pool

Chloe was loving:

  • Her new jacket
  • Playing outside the front with the kids from the estate
  • Cruising around on her toddle bike
  • Playing in the sandpit mammy finally setup
  • Dancing to nursery rhymes

The Me and Mine Project

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  1. Thanks Laura, we had a lovely time. For certain he will be the class clown in school lol x

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