My Flip Flop Wishlist by Ipanema

Summer is upon us. Summer has officially started 21st June which is the meteorological  beginning of summer. I can definitely feel it. Even though in Ireland we don’t really get a proper summer like in most countries it is quite warm for Ireland. At the moment the sun is shining and we have 18 degrees which is nice to see. It brightens up your day even more. I am in serious need of some proper new flip flops. Up until now I used to go for the cheap ones from Penneys as I have never seen a shop with proper nice ones. This year we are not going on holidays because of Chloe only being born the beginning of February but we are planning to go on our first ever holiday next year. But not only on holidays you require flip flops. You also need them in this lovely weather going to the beach or even going to the local pool. I personally like wearing them just going to the shop. They go with every outfit. Why not check out this website for a wide range of flip flops perfect for this summer. 1803 Ipanema is one of Brazil’s hottest flip flops brands. The flip flops, sandals and wedges are made in Brazil and are 100% recyclable. Brazil is a nation of vibrant colours, natural beauty, great joy, and easy-going people. One location that showcases this true Brazilian spirit is Ipanema, a neighbourhood located in the southern region of Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro. First made famous by the bossa nova rhythms of the 1960s, Ipanema is now known for its elegance and social life. With Ipanema’s casual and relaxed beach spirit in mind, we created Ipanema footwear. The brand epitomises the look and spirit of Ipanema and it’s colourful characters. Pick up your pair for either women, men or kids. They have everything. I already have picked out some for myself, a pair for hubby and a pair for Matthew and Chloe for next summer when hopefully we will be attending our first summer family holiday. Mammy’s Flip Flops: 1445 1552     I love these original Brazilian flip flops which also proudly presents Brazil’s flag on them. Daddy’s Flip Flops: 1517   Matthew’s Flip Flops: 1549   How cute are these monster flip flops for my little man. Brings  you right into the holiday spirit with its ocean blue colours.   1574   Chloe’s Flip Flops 173   Aren’t they lovely? Are you planning on going on holidays this year? Are you in need of some new pair of flip flops? Go on, log onto Ipanema and order your pair today.

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