New York Travel Journal Part 2

Saturday 5th March just like every morning we went down first to have some breakfast to get us through the morning for our sightseeing.

After our refreshments we walked down 5th avenue which was only the street next to our hotel. First stop was the Flat Iron. If Karo didn’t tell me about it, I would have never heard of it. As the name says, it’s basically a flat building.

2016-03-05 11.23.26

On the way we passed Madison Square. They had a really good dog park where the dogs can go wild in. Something Ireland might want to consider for its parks too. I am not the biggest dog fan but this was genius.

Down the road from Flat iron building we took the Subway to the Brooklyn Bridge which leads us to our next attraction of New York. We walked over the bridge, took some photos and explored the water side of Brooklyn before we headed off to see the World trade center by Subway. In Brooklyn by the water (the quarter was called Dumbo) they had some sort of sign in the middle of the lawn. Whether it was supposed to say “Yo” or Oy”, I don’t know, we captured both ways. Right along the side there was a carousel in a glass building which looked pretty cool. When we viewed there was a little party going on, it looked like a Christening. Entrance for the carousel was $2 but we didn’t go on it.


2016-03-05 12.29.05

2016-03-05 12.35.25

The weather was much better that day, at least it was not snowing and the sun was shining which is why the place was packed. Last time I’ve been to New York they were still building the tower and the memorials so it was nice to see it finished this time round.



Battery Park was the next place. At the lunch time hour we had a delicious hot dog from a stand outside on the road. These stands seem to be very popular and it’s so odd seeing people eating in the middle of the road. Whether it’s a busy road or not or standing or sitting down. Every time we passed these stands, the delicious smell of chicken kebab went up our nose. Even thinking about it now, I am getting hungry. I didn’t get to have one but the hot dog was even worth the money.

2016-03-05 14.46.27


We had 2 options of seeing the statue of liberty. Either pay 18 dollars and see it up close and enter the island where it’s placed or pay nothing and see it from far. We went for the free option and took the Staten Island Ferry which is an orange ferry free of charge for all passengers in case anyone fancies going down this route. It departs pretty much every 30 mins and more during the week I think.

2016-03-05 15.08.38

2016-03-05 15.34.17

2016-03-05 16.15.02

When we took the next ferry back to Manhattan, we got onto the R subway back to midtown. We haven’t discovered Paley Park waterfall yet so before it was getting dark, we decided to go on the hunt. When you hear park, you probably imagine a big park with a waterfall in the middle right? Not at all, it was a little area with a few trees, tables and chairs and a waterfall at the end between 2 hight building. Very pretty though.

2016-03-05 17.33.33

That evening I invited Karo to a delicious meal in TGI Friday’s off Times Square which ended our pretty much second day in the Big Apple. This was her first meal in TGI’s and she really enjoyed it. That’s what she said anyway. Because we were in New York there is nothing else I could have other than baby back ribs. Heaven!

2016-03-05 18.27.16

Stay connected with the last part coming up soon…

14 thoughts on “New York Travel Journal Part 2

  1. Oh I totally love New York I’ve been three times and loved it evertime. Such a buzzy, exciting place. We also did the walk across Brooklyn bridge and took the Staten Island ferry. Sounds like an amazing trip!

  2. Oh wow Janine, these photos are beautiful and it sounds like you had an amazing trip! I am so jealous, New York City is top of my places to visit list!!
    It looks amazing and I’d so love to try a hot dog from a street stand!
    We have one of those flat buildings in liverpool, its so confusing to look at xx
    Hayley McLean recently posted…Siblings In MarchMy Profile

  3. The architecture in New York is amazing isn’t it? I’ve never seen anything like it, the building in the first picture looks amazing. As you know, we have nothing like that in Ireland 🙂

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