2nd Blogiversary with Orchard Toys



Today I give you another chance to win some educational prizes for your children as part of my second blogiversary. This time it is with Orchard Toys. Orchard Toys kindly provided me with 2 colouring books that I will be giving away to you guys.

Orchard Toys are a company who specialises in educational toys and games. I have been working with them closely for nearly a year now and I have to say it is an absolute pleasure to work with them. They are such a nice company to work with and it’s like being friend with them even though we have never met before. I only have ever came across Orchard toys last year on social media and other bloggers. Prior to that I never heard about them which I am really surprised about because we have a lot of toys and games from every company out there probably. It was great to discover this one as their main focus is education. Matthew has learnt a lot already from the Shopping List and Christmas Surprise game. You are more than welcome to read about the review here and here.

For today’s giveaway I am giving one of my readers the chance to win 2 colouring books. One being “First words” and two “Numbers”. If you would like to read up more about these amazing books, you can do so here. Even my 1 year old enjoyed them as you can see.

The giveaway will be open to residents from the UK and Ireland only and will run until 1st April. (Don’t worry, I won’t play a joke on you that day whoever wins)

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70 thoughts on “2nd Blogiversary with Orchard Toys

  1. My son has just started and is now talking lots so this would be fantastic 🙂 Thankyou so much for the chance x

  2. I have a 6yr old granddaughter & twin grandchildren aged 4 & they all love colouring in, so this would be perfect fro when they visit – fingers crossed.

  3. He loves colouring in, the problem is that when he runs out of books to scribble on he goes all ‘Banksy’ on my walls 😉

  4. we love colouring in ! my youngest just scribbles at the moment but i enjoy doing lots of arty crafty stuff with my eldest !

  5. He just starting to show more of an interest but also learning his letters now ready for him starting school in September so this would be perfect. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  6. My son is obsessed with colouring, he spends everyday doing it. Sometimes for hours and draws me pictures nearly everyday at nursery. Thanks for the chance.

  7. yes, although he has just started colouring in the walls!!! so im hiding the crayons unless im with him

  8. My granddaughter is 3 and loves using her chunky crayons for drawing and colouring in- she knows her colours and can select the correct colour for the object. Her motor skills are rapidly improving and more of the colouring is now within the lines. Praise goes an aweful long way!

  9. My little boy likes colouring in but does prefer painting where as our daughter loves colouring.

  10. Yes, although she’s not great at it as she has to use her left hand, due to Poland syndrome, although she would naturally be right handed. Practice makes perfect thought! It’s great for hand-eye co-ordination!

  11. My son loves colouring, currently we are going through a dinosaur obsession and colouring in pictures of dinosaurs is his favourite thing 🙂

  12. I got my daughter her 1 set of colouring in books and arts and craft kit at Xmas. Or Santa did and she loves it she can sit happily for hours singing away colouring

  13. She’s 4 so doesn’t quite understand the “lines” yet, but we are getting nearly there with the colours and using them correctly. I almost gave her a green pen for the sky one day and got TOLD OFF as she knew that she needed a blue one for the sky. 🙂

  14. Yes, both my girls enjoy colouring and I do too. I have a few adult colouring books! Happy 2nd blogiversary!!!

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