Rainy Days Activities We Enjoy

The weather has definitely taken a turn. After an ex hurrucane and another storm afterwards sitting two weeks, you can definitely say it’s autumn. Temperatures are going up and down like a yo yo. Plans have to be made for indoor fun.

If you don’t keep the kids entertained long enough on rainy days, they can get cabin fever quite easily. Especially in our house we have to mix it up. The last two weekends we have been pretty much stuck in the house. There are a few things we have been enjoying…

Memory game 

Not just a game, they learn at the same time. They have to remember where the matching card could be.


Fascinating for the kids particularly when the whole tower falls down and they want to build it all over again.

Colouring in 

At the moment my printer is out of action but the kids love when I print out themed pages such as transformers and Peppa Pig. We do have colouring books as well but this could be a simpler and cheaper solution sometimes.

Play Doh

Not my favourite one but Chloe loves it. She likes making a mess. I just get on with it at this stage.


Matthew used to be big into puzzles. It all kind of stopped since he became obsessed with Transformers. I am trying to get him back into it though and a new jigsaw is on Santa’s list.

Ipad educational apps

In the morning or during the afternoon the kids are allowed some iPad time. This includes a Peppa Pig holiday and paint app. They also love the kitten app. They have to feed it and play with it.


Both kids like baking. We don’t do it enough to be honest. Our latest creation was only from the weekend. We made monster balls which consist of marshmallows and rice crispies.

Balloon fight

As it’s Halloween season at the moment, I bought a lot of balloons. I blew half of them up and the kids love running around catching them or having balloon fights. We even decorated some of them with stickers the other day and drew faces on them.

What do you like to do on rainy days?


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