Siblings {April}

Another month, another series of photos of my two. We’re already half way through April again. One thing I did notice is the weather has been terrible this year. Every year we have the heating off from March until September because it’s so warm in the house. Mid April and the heating is still going which also means we haven’t been able to bring the kids outside as much as we would like. Hopefully this will change soon.



I probably mentioned this a few times but month after month Matthew’s and Chloe’s relationship grows and grows.
Now that the clocks have changed Matthew ends up in bed with us during the night quite a few amount of times. Unfortunately we only have curtains in our room which means come 6.30am, it’s getting bright outside and himself is about to slowly wake up. After a snack in bed and some TV he always wants to go into Chloe’s room and wake her. Sometimes I manage to stop him because she had a bad night.
It’s definitely cute to watch. He goes in, turns on the corner light and says “hello chloe”


Recently we went on a small family holiday in Ireland. Everyday he wanted to push her buggy. Chloe thought it was hilarious and loved it. On walks outside our estate he likes pushing her too.

When I get Chloe ready in the morning Matthew says “Put Chloe down. I want to play with her”. He adores his sister now after a bumpy start which is fair enough because she was a baby who couldn’t move and couldn’t do anything. They love playing hide and seek together.

I am looking forward to many more precious photos of them together to come.

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9 thoughts on “Siblings {April}

  1. Aw I don’t think I’ve stopped by more than a few times before so it’s my first time viewing your ‘Siblings’ photos but it’s clear to see that your little ones love each other and Matthew obviously adores Chloe. So sweet to read about and it must be very cute to watch!
    X X

  2. Oh how lovely to see their relationship develop, mine barely notice each other save a push or raisin stealing scenario. I empathise about the light mornings though, we invested in a blackout blind….. best £20 ever spent. I can’t wait to hear how Matthew and Chloe’s relationship God from strength to strength as time goes on, sounds like a wonderful protective big brother xx

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