Siblings in May

The last month was a bit more quiet in our house compared to April. We didn’t make many plans because we just wanted a relaxed month for once.

The bank holiday weekend we went up to see the kids’ grandparents and their aunty. The main reason why we went up though, was that hubby had a tennis tournament on. We went up one day and watched him. Matthew, I think, will follow into daddy’s foot steps. He recently got his own racket.

Matthew is very caring when it comes to Chloe. He helps her, picks up things from the ground for her and shares food with her. You’d think it would be vice versa. But Chloe on the other hand is truly in her terrible two’s at the moment. I don’t know what way she behaves in creche but I’m always told she’s an angel.

The more she let’s out the anger in her at home. If she doesn’t get her way, her cup flies, her teddies land down the stairs, you name it. The ultimate temper tantrums. Of course she doesn’t know any better and she’s at the age where she’s only learning what is right and what is wrong. But poor Matthew sometimes has to suffer from it.

When they do get on, it’s lovely to watch them. They chase each other on their ride ons. They are up to mischief together. We aren’t in the play centre much but when we were in Sligo, Matthew always wanted to be by Chloe’s side, playing together with her, even though there was an old creche friend he could have been playing with.

Since we have returned from the UK, both kids are into Thomas the Tank Engine. It’s nice to see something else playing on the TV other than Rescue Bots.

Matthew is a very social guy. It used to be the case where it takes him 20 minutes to adjust to his surroundings but now it’s straight into the fun. At the weekend we visited one of his cousins. It was his birthday party. Off he went. Chloe was glued to me the whole time and got back to herself two hours in. It’s funny how different kids can be… siblings or not.

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  1. Ah we’re having a bit of attitude from Ethan at the moment. It’s different to tantrums, but it’s still hard work, so I know how you feel. Lovely pics. xx

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