Siblings in November

We are in the second last month of the Siblings project. To me it was a successful one and I really enjoyed linking up each month. Even though I was out by a few days at the start. Eventually I got the hang of it and managed to post on time. Today is actually a bit of a delayed one again though. I had so many posts coming up at once, that I completely forgot about the Siblings post. The only reason why I remember, is because I saw two post from two other bloggers about it. It meant I had to get my act together and start this post.


The end of October was a quite hectic and busy month for us. At this stage I probably bore you about the fact that we moved house four weeks ago. A lot of changes were going to be made and both kids were going to attend a new creche in the area. Thankfully the creche is only around the corner, kind of the same distance as it was in Sligo. They both did really well and Chloe already likes on of the minders and jumps into her arms every morning the last few days.

The first week it was induction week in creche which means they were only in for an hour or two. I was off that week from work anyway, for that reason. When I picked them up from creche, we went for a stroll around the estate. Matthew on his Little Tikes Ride on and Chloe in her Smart Trike. They loved it. They are so close now.



Since I picked up Chloe’s own little chair from IKEA, they love sitting together in the play room and colour in together or enjoy a biscuit or a drink together. Their bond is even closer since Chloe started walking. They both care for each other. A week ago Chloe was sick. She had high temperatures and a cough. Matthew came over to her and gave her a kiss on the head to make her feel better. The same happened this week. At the weekend Matthew and  I ended up going to the out of hours doctor because he had high temperatures and was just feeling unwell but he was sleepy, too. I wanted to make sure it was nothing else. Turned out he has a mild tonsilitis. He is feeling much better now and I think he is okay to return to creche for Thursday, even though he keeps saying he wants to stay at home with mummy.

On Sunday when Matthew felt miserable, Chloe came over and passed him his drink which I think was the cutest gesture. She also gave him a little pad on his leg. This evening they had some great cuddles on the bed. Chloe was tickling his head while Matthew was laying on her lap.


Of course it’s not always fun and games, even if I make it sound like that. We have multiple incidents a day where they could kill each other. Pushing for example is one thing, sharing toys is another. The screams out of the both of them sometimes. But meanwhile we figured out Chloe’s screams. She is such a drama queen when she doesn’t get her way, it’s almost cute.

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  1. Thanks AK. I didn’t want to get a blue because she is a girl but it’s grand. They are in the play room now but I find they don’t use it that much

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