Siblings in September

We are half way through the month of September. The last two weeks I have definitely noticed a climate change and the short sleeved tops are going further and further back in my wardrobe. I have done a bit of shopping lately for the kids for some more long sleeve tops. Two days ago I even had to get out the winter coats. It is getting a bit chilly in the morning.

The last month was a mix of excitement and lazy days. We ended the month of August with Matthew’s fifth birthday celebration with all his friends. Of course he wanted his little sister to come, too. I have to say they became very attached to each other in the last month. Matthew has also started big school at the end of last month. This means he is only in creche half the day. Chloe has probably noticed that and maybe that is the reason why they like each other more and appreciate each other more.

We have spent less and less days outside due to the horrible weather but when we did make it outside both kids love looking at little creatures. This is what I captured in the photo above. There was a small little spider crawling on their slide. They needed to investigate. Now sometimes the investigation might not go quite to plan and the little creature doesn’t make it but that’s all parts of learning. They don’t like to have creatures inside the house particularly flies.  So I am spending half my day trying to chase them out of the house when we have the windows open in the kitchen.

The two of them like to sit together more and more. It’s so nice to see how their bond grows day by day. Of course, like any other siblings, they would have their moments where they are trying to push each other of the chairs but that is getting very rare now . Nowadays they love sitting together on the swivel chair watching their series or occasionally a movie. Lately we had two movies at the weekend on a Sunday afternoon with some sweeties. I like to give them a treat every now and again because during the week they are generally not allowed any chocolate or sweets.
For this I got our their IKEA chairs. I don’t know why they were sitting the play room for so long. It was just the teddys sitting on them. Complete waste of space so we now moved them into the living room and they are available to them at any time. More space for toys.

We haven’t been much out and about but I might increase that again in the new few days. Autumn is a lovely month to go for walks in the woods and pick up some conkers or leaves. Bring them home and make some arts and crafts out of them. I am not the biggest sucker for making stuff but certain things I do enjoy.

The kids are having a lot of play dates recently. Chloe has her little play friend and Matthew has got a few on his own, too. So they definitely don’t come too short playing apart. The fact that they are not on each others lap every single day, this is what makes them bond together even more I think.

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5 thoughts on “Siblings in September

  1. No what we normally do is Matthew or Chloe get to pick their programme first and watch one or two episodes and then it’s the other persons turn.

  2. love them sitting next to each other in their little chairs! Do yours fight what to watch or do they both like the same series? Finn is getting right into older boys series now whilst MM reversed back to Peppa Pig although I try to sway her off it most of the time!

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